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    You look west, that's where everyone told you
    Pioneers will most certainly find you
    It's been too long without it
    His old man likes the song where they tell you
    Be a creep, just let anyone sell you
    I woke up with the sun on my shoulder
    Yesterday felt a thousand years older
    It's been too long without it
    Could it be right to doubt it?
    I could wait, i could watch it at the movies
    I could say, there is nothing that could move me
    I slipped out with the wind at my coattails
    Sunday noon with the dirt on my face still
    Seven hours and it feels like a segue
    You can lie but you're never the same
    It's been too long without it
    You've been so weird throughout it
    Say we're safe in the bosom of hellfire
    You can shock me with your science and live wires
    All aglow, we're so pretty in action
    I feel good even though i'm a fraction

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