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    Hopscotch after dark
    Firebugs in the park
    After school doesn't cut it anymore
    Forgot you got to see who's
    Standing right behind you
    Gonna have to make run run run run run run for it!
    10 o'clock
    Does the walk
    Switchblade all he needs to get things done
    Finding little children
    Myself included
    Snatch away your ear, and put it in a jar
    You're never safe
    As long as you're awake
    Don't ever think that you can fake it
    If you're up at 10 o'clock
    You won't hear him talk
    Because he's deaf he only mumbles
    He's your mother's friend
    And your daddy's friend
    Why'd you think they'd let him do it?
    What happened years ago
    He can't let go
    Make examples out of all the little devils of the world

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