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    [Mannie Fresh]
    Look right here, this how we gon do this
    Hook up the turn tables, whoof get on the keyboard
    And we gon run this for you, ya heard?
    Yeah, check it out

    Cash Money...
    Cash Money...
    Cash Money...
    Cash Money...

    [Lil Wayne]
    Ay, let me slide in the Benz with the fished-out fins
    Hit the mall wit my girlfriends dish out ends
    Cause you know it ain't trickin if you got it
    Copped baby girl what she desired
    It's chump change ma, Marijuana skyler
    Know'n what I got up in my styraphone cup - that purple stuff
    It was given to me at birth an stuff
    So that's why I cop the Bentley with the leather and the furry cups

    [Baby Gangsta]
    Hey, hold on mami them whips on dubs
    Cadillac Truck, 28's, no rubs
    Slide in the Benz, fins, bubble-eyed lens
    Car show in New York, y'all know who wins
    It's the Birdman daddy, with the Gucci Prada
    Slant back Cup Truck, no rims - can't holla
    It's that Louie Fendi on Ostrich streets
    It's the tailor-made daddy, mami do you love me?

    Baby, I'm a stunna
    I ain't gon change it
    Don't.. you.. know.. it's a way of life?
    Mami, do you want it?
    Cause I'm about to bring it
    Oh baby, can't stop the stun, no, no

    [Baby Gangsta]
    Pop one, pop two with the blue Nike shoes
    Royal blue jag on 'em 22's
    Slippers, white to breate, 500 Degreez
    In that Cadillac Truck on 'em 23's
    I'm the boss of the game with the money and fame
    All these, naked women that pop Champaign
    And these, marble floors stay high as Rick James
    If you know my name then you know my game

    [Lil Wayne]
    It's Lil' Whoody from the Hot Block where seris flow
    Gotta get dough, cha'

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