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    [Lil' Wayne]
    What, what what, what, huh
    Huh, huh, Big Tymers, huh
    Better act like you know it
    I be comin wit' it
    And you saw Wayne from a distance in the Expedition
    I'm on chrome, 20 inches you know who I be
    Oh yes, you know me
    4 feet, millionaire, that's H-O-T
    Whoa-ty, slow down, you might be a hater
    Slippin' 'tal in your drawers, Hot Boy ______
    Get up, Cardion, lobster regular
    And you can call me on my cell-ular, what?
    Celebrate and pop the Don P
    Beep, that's me that drop the funk beat, uh uh
    Me and Lil' Travis stun'n hard off 'less my daddy grab it
    I got a Roley on my wrist with 10 karats
    And I'ma shine but I'm still bout blastin', huh?
    Nigga rollin' short about paper
    Bedroom, 2nd floor, in the 'vator
    I'm a superstar (star), money makin' pimp
    Up in the double R (R), just me and Slim
    I'm getting cheesed by the milk stackin' cake, boy
    Cash Money, how you luv that, playboy (playboy)?

    Don't hate me, baby cause I'm beautiful 3x
    How you luv that, playboy?

    [Verse 2]
    We go lights, action, camera
    We here to hammer ya
    Go ask Pamela or your baby momma Lil' Tamera
    Feel like a samurai or Zorro
    Rich niggas don't borrow
    Cut a check or wait til the bank open tomorrow
    Look at ya sorrow, ends gotta meet, kids gotta eat
    While we make a meal, rhymin' in and out of beat
    Am I to see shit? Don't even look for it, it's way off
    Concerts sellin' out like Chicago Bulls playoffs
    So stay off the ground cause it's dangerous, whoa-ty
    Too many riches, these bitches don't, won't hang with us, whoa-ty
    It's a gang of us, whoa-ty
    You see one everywhere you go, ain't no thang with us, whoa-ty
    You get it either it show
    We go to the bank so much, bitch, we got a bedroom
    With hoes countin' money and giving niggas head, room
    So when you hear the leg boom, bitch you better get somewhere
    Somebody gettin' hit somewhere, butt on the run, startin' shit somewhere,

    Don't hate me, baby cause I'm beautiful
    These flashy cars ain't new to y'all
    Don't hate me, baby cause I'm beauiful
    These flasy cars ain't new to y'all, playboy

    [Verse 3]
    I got these niggas takling about this black-on-black Hummer
    I scored that last summer
    But this year playboy, I'm gonna stretch that motherfucker
    I bought a Yukon for my main bitch with my newborn
    Pictures of other ol' ladies suckin' on my dick
    While you be loving the stupid bitch
    Now I guess I been playing with about 10 million and something
    These hoes been giving me they pussy like it ain't nothing
    Going to the club with 10 G's and a bar tab that's all on Baby
    Lettin' these hoes and niggas drank for free
    Playgirl but you gotta understand one thang, that shit all on Cash Money
    Well here's another case, where this hoe sprayed Mace in my face
    Cause I wouldnt give this hoe no plate
    Tellin' me I think my shit dont stank cause I got a Benz, a Hummer, a Lexus
    And a penthouse that say "Hoe Hater"
    With tatoos with number one stunner
    With billionaire on my left arm, and millionaire on my right arm
    Bitches be lovin' this gold grill, homey
    I spent 20 G's on my earrings, homey
    Nigga, I aiin't met a nigga who could drop a beat like Fresh
    And I ain't met a nigga that could out shine me
    See I gotta clip that called pussy-go getters
    Now playboy, these hoes be lovin' these Cash Money niggas

    [Chorus then talk til the end]

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