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    [Man]    Pimpin is a alive, these niggas just jive
    [Man]    I've been stackin and mackin since '75
    [Man]    When I come thru in the Benz hoes tell they friends that
    [Women]    Thats my daddy, daddy
    [Man]    Pimpin is a alive, these niggas just jive
    [Man]    I've been stackin and mackin since '75
    [Man]    When I come thru in the Benz hoes tell they friends that
    [Women]    Thats my daddy daddy

    I don't ride white walls its vogues I'm mashing
    But I'm +Hood Rich+ nigga tell ya bitch to ask me
    Swang yo' ??? in that brand new Caddy
    Seville four door slammed back lil' daddy
    Throwing bricks in the cut like a nigga give a fuck
    I spunt what you niggas spunt when I was coming up
    Its the bling bling king worth mils with nuts
    Scored that brand new Benz loud pipes 'em up
    Got that Avalanche truck alligator in the trunk
    Got the snake in the floor of a Bentley HEADS UP
    Them white folks coming lil' dady HOLD UP
    Shift it up the block for a nigga can pop
    I'm a born hustler but a pimp pimp player
    2-G and 2 its Big Tymer year
    Doing donuts in the drop top with Cartiers
    And I ain't met no nigga with more cars than this player

    You don't wanna get it on
    You'll get shitted on or spitted on
    Reptile boots and suits thats fitted on
    Got the bar up in the car with the dranks so I can sit it on
    Peanut butter and wood, its still understood
    That Im'a P-I-M-P
    The M to the A, double N-I-E
    Now put yo' feet up on that mank
    Take a pull of the stank
    And we can do it how it should be done
    I treat a bitch like a hoe, a hoe like a slut
    A slut like a nut cuz I really don't give a fuck
    Now with a dick up in yo' throat can you still sing a note?
    Well if you can say I'm the man with the superfly trim
    Woah move away young dude you're ruining my mood
    Straight mackin to the stackin money bitches and food
    Caddilac Buritz big booties and tits
    Got twenty bad bitches with the matching outfits


    I was the man in kindergarden and a pimp in first
    A mack in second grade by third it was worse
    A made man in the fourth a don in the fifth
    Had the teacher sellin ass when I touched the sixth
    Seven eight and nine whatever they had was mine
    From tenth to twelfth bling bling ya blind
    Now I'm the money foldin phone holdin
    two way checkin home wreckin
    rent collectin weenie weckin, big pimpin
    Love a lotta women, walk with a limp an'
    I'll have the snow crabs a bottle of uh um cristal
    Some fettacinni and some um let me see what else
    Oh and some shrimp

    I'm a bird on crew in that Lexus coupe
    I left the roof at home let the rain come thru
    Don't cry now ma you know how it go
    But since ya hair got wet lets smoke some 'dro
    Get it right ma and put that Fresh mink on
    Them CMC boots with the platinum thongs
    I wear enough ice to sit on the throne
    And if a nigga come close Im'a go back home


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