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    feat. B.G., Turk)

    [Baby {talking}]
    I got that work
    (For sure)
    I got that work, nigga
    Hustle - death if you hustle with us
    (I'll front ya, boy)
    'Cause I'ma put that work on your life, lil' one
    ({too low to hear} if you're shined out with a nigga)
    It ain't no secret

    I'm that nigga, Baby
    But my niggas, they call me Atrice
    Every bitch I fuck gotta be above average
    On another level, nigga - millionaire status
    Just bought two mansions: one in Florida, one in Dallas
    I'm a boss nigga
    Buy whatever, don't give a fuck 'bout the cost, nigga
    I like to floss, nigga
    It ain't no secret: I'm the number-one stuntman
    You come at me wrong, you'll be in the trunk, man
    I'm a O.G. shot caller - Big Tymer
    Cadillac, Hummer, Jaguar, Benz driver
    Thirty-six-ounces-in-the-glove-compartment hider

    Don't test the water - look, believe B.'ll ride

    Nigga, I'm a millionaire
    Tote two guns 'cause I've been there
    Lil' wodie, you don't wanna go there
    I'm fuckin' all these hoes

    [Mannie Fresh]
    Y'all better believe!

    And I'm tellin' the next rappin' bitch what's up my sleeve, wodie

    [Hook (Turk)]
    Bitches say we stunt too much (much)
    It's okay 'cause we can back it up (up)
    Know you gon' let us do what we do (do)
    Rock our Rolie, ride drop-tops, too (too)

    (Look, look, it's a- it's a- a checkmate, checkmate)
    Ain't it a bitch how I be stun'n - I know, but I can do that
    I pull up, top down on a Prowler, they be like, "Who that?"
    Common sense should tell 'em it gotta be a H.B.
    'Cause don't nobody stunt like them niggas from CMB
    Baby had me reppin' since I was in the sixth grade
    'Cause niggas wonder how I'm eighteen and already made
    I done been through it - from bustin' heads to doin' time
    Now I'm on that level to where I got the right to shine
    Me and my clique hit the scene - Ree's, jeans, and T's
    Wrist, neck, and ears just shoutin' *bling*bling*
    We be thuggin' to the fullest - stay handlin' hoes
    'Cause all of 'em the same: straight scandalous hoes
    I ain't trippin' - they can ride in the whip with a nigga
    But put your head down and donate your lips to a nigga
    Tossin' bitches is a hobby 'cause me and my niggas share
    Gotta respect that's the life for this Cash Money Millionaire

    [Hook (Turk)]

    [Mannie Fresh]
    (What, what, what)
    I know y'all sayin', "Look here - what the fuck is that?"
    A Space Shuttle, lil' daddy - made by Cadillac
    Take that other shit out, and put Corinthian leather
    Put a sun-roof top for sun-roof weather
    They go, "Whooooo!", when I fly by they shit
    They go, "Oooooh!", you diggity? Just don't quit
    I like 'em one short, one tall, one a doll
    I like 'em on their head in the bed against the wall
    Turbo-charged dick slinger...
    ...pussy banger
    Nasty in-and-out finger
    See that girl that you're with - I did that shit
    Any girl that you get, I'ma hit that bitch
    Last year: helicopter playa - hello
    This year: plushed-out, pimped-out Space Shuttle
    You like gorgeous Lovely, I know you do
    And if you're a real hot girl you'll let me fuck your crew
    For real, though

    [Hook 2x (Turk)]

    Let us do what we do, let us do what we do
    Let us do what we do, let us do what we do
    Let us do what we do, let us do what we do
    (Let us-)
    What, nigga?
    Let us do what we do
    [Big Tymers:] B-3, Mannie Fresh
    Hot Boys
    Cash Money
    Juvie, Lil' Wheezy
    Suga Slim and his bitch
    [Lil' Turk]
    CMR-a Millionaires, ya heard me
    How ya lovin' that?
    Nigga, how ya lovin' that?
    Nigga, now how ya lovin' that

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