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    I'm Comin-Like a relic in pick-up truck
    Base Hummin-15's in the back of us
    Still Runnin-Like a enegizer bunny bruh
    Hood Plumin-Lay a big dick down in her
    Yo woman-Stripper comin down on the pole
    Show somethin-Big titties and a asshole
    Drums drummin-Out to escalade on 24's
    yeah Oh oh

    Chicago's number one flick a nigga back on it 2003 Caddy wit that burberry rag on it it's mink on the floor these seats is ostrich what else can I say family we some mobsters this cash money you know we the boss of this hood shit floss in this get shots up in this hood quick, it's big tymin man put them little rides up we 600 whippaz put them little rides up
    Cash money we ain't ducking dodging we bustin and ridin caddy trucks an prowlers what the fuck are you hidin ??????? benz lexus and beamers wit dime bitches wit asses as fat as trina, whoa I got four tuck me i'm out four more bucks but watch these whores fuck and suck like crazy you can't fuck wit cash money you niggaz is crazy


    See I flip the color dady change my paint switch my rims my mats things pull out the console I drink them things got the alligator seats on full tank ???? but a aye aye 25 28 big money heavy weights vet navigation system find in any state them special made tires to fit my ride I put a dove on the inside stunna motherfucka (rims trucks) sittin on the motherfuckin getta B.B. King blues daddy naming (naming) Naming got big truck don't mind us oh you think its a game ma bitch stand behind us it's nothin but minks and it's cold as fuck (brrrrrrr) bitch hop in this truck


    there go lil t.q and he comin in tha cutlass gettin his hair blew ain't given tha fuck about nothin that these niggaz do don't under estimate my pimpin cause it's serious fu, I'm one 100 I got some fo hoes I got joe I got some drink I got dominioes we got big gats gems and trucks on stunna baby #1 stunna that's my dogg mannie freezi thats my dawg big tymers we big balls t.q., mik, and gilly got em takin it of woooo let the bottles pop woooo let the pannies drop oooopppps im bout to shake the spot see we don fucked around and it got to hot


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