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    (Petey Pablo)

    Now how can one get up off the spot
    God damn raise a family get up off the block
    Where the city dont love and they dont care
    but I will take you there

    Verse 1:(Baby)

    tell the sister like blood
    little brother a thug
    and how to survive the cracks in the middle of the mud
    im the OG gangsta VL in the truth
    every nigga in my city kno how to hussle and shoot
    my lil homey got killed over a key and a pound
    so when i pump pump blood im a hold it down
    his sister and his moms when i come around
    showin love to the family when ya lose your ground


    Wussup lil man had to write you a rap
    just to let u know this nigga still got yo back
    aint to much change still doin my shows
    stayin away from fake niggas and busta ass hoes
    but enough about me and everything in my world
    congrats lil dad heard u had a lil girl
    if theres anything they need and they ever in a jam
    dont hesatate to ask yall call ya fam

    (chorus 2X)

    Verse 2 (Baby)

    but can you see life roomin with no crack and pipe
    and no weed to smoke no Gs in sight
    and no cris to bust no wheels on bikes
    and no pussy to fuck nobody to like
    but can you see life roomin wit no money and goods
    big money heavyweights wit nobody to cook
    nobody to book
    nobody to look
    tryin to get back what motherfuckers they took


    all you see is that platinum shit
    a ghetto nigga on stage grabbin his dick
    but you dont know what i have seen
    from the bitches to the riches to the triple beams
    the project bricks the old school kicks
    the early mornin capers and the late night flicks
    but since i moved on things aint the same
    i chose rap you chose the game

    (chorus 2X)

    verse 3(baby)

    See your mom still strugglin you up in the pen
    but mom just wonderin when the end gon end
    when the guns gon stop from spinnin the bin
    or when the hood gon block the dope in the pen
    or when the light shot out you up in the park
    the white trunk out your homey got marked
    or every nigga that talk or rat in his heart
    or every nigga that talk should die in the dark


    i never forgot you and what we did
    and how we came up and where we lived
    im seven forever turn coke to never
    hard head til im dead until im bout my cheddar
    gotta get my ends wanna push a benz
    eat steak live great and raise my twins
    i cant believe im talkin to ya now that ya gone
    i luv ya bruh and this is my song

    (chorus 2X)
    (music fades to end)

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