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    How Should I Ride"
    (feat. B.G., Cadillac)

    [Manny Fresh:]
    Everything on me, my skills pay the bills
    Buy my momma a house and buy my daddy some hot wheels
    I'm the number one pepper star, look at y'all
    Hat to the back, make my way to the bar
    When I'm in your town, bling, I'm gon' shine
    Gimme the best bottle of your best (glub, glub, glub) wine
    Can I have your attention, couple of things I'd like to mention
    I stay in a big ass house wit' a big gold fence and
    Wit' the Beemer, Benz, and a Trooper
    Living room Supa-Dupa
    Size, Suprose
    This a big ass diamond, y'all go ahead and cover y'all eyes
    Look out here I come, stunt man number one
    I'm makin' airplanes outta fifties just for fun
    The boat, the plane, the Viper man
    The 4 TV's in the black Range
    A black boy havin' all these thangs
    Now how should I ride man

    Captin stunter, I ride with a Mack 11
    Cause I'm a Uptown hunter, a big dope fronter
    And 10 a ki still a number
    I ride Rolls Royce Canisus
    I took my main hoe out a Yukon and put her in a drop top Benzie
    I got these bitches trailin' me nigga, cause I got a little money
    Got these hoes wanna give me pussy cause I got a little money
    But I got 10 hoes, all with golds
    Wiot' my name tatooed on the back of they assholes
    Wit' 20 inch rims, that's how I ride nigga
    If you ridin' 16's don't ride beside me nigga
    I'll give to my niggaz, before I give to these broads
    My block on fire, my niggaz in heat
    We clockin' a hundred G's a week
    I boat the yacht, and a screen TV
    And put my face on the hood of the muthafuckin' Humvee
    So you niggaz could see me
    I'm bout to do somethin' dangerous
    I took the steerin' wheel from the left to right so I could look famous
    I wear 2 pair of drawers, wit' 2 Rolex watches
    Wit' 22 bitches on my log nigga
    I guess that's the thug in me
    I lie to these bitches 7 days a week
    I put that on my lil brother LD restin' in peace

    They wan' know how I ride
    Still get high
    Wan' know how I cross and front the feds, still floss
    I'm the B.G., in ya car, shit rangin'
    I'm playin' cheddar cheese, Hot Boy$ ain't fakin'
    Wanna hang wit' B and Slim gotta have 10 G's
    Cause them niggaz spend money like it grow on trees
    We ballin' got cars from every company
    Expedition, Rams, even a Humvee
    Ain't that somethin' none of us over 25
    Daog you think they really rapped and got Q thangs for 5
    Now lil daddy you got a nigga fucked up
    You could live for 'Burbs but nothin' but speakers on that truck
    Ah hah, we floss all week man
    Every night I got a different bitch under my sheet man
    They see me in the drop Jag and get out the way
    They know who it is when they see me in the Rover the next day

    Call it ghetto wrist nigga, wear filled with bagettes
    Crushed out on my neck with the matchin' bracelet
    Uh, cocked to the side in my 98 bubble eye
    Put on your shades cause you can't stand it with the naked eye
    Why, cause I'm a shinda
    I got diamonds and golds that'll blind ya, blind ya
    Get out my way cause I'm comin' through
    Man that' 'lac in the Jag, yeah and I'm sittin' on 20's too
    Livin' my life like I'm a millionaire
    How many young black niggaz you know wit' Rollies and Carliare
    Wrist wear, niggafilled with jew-els
    Now everybody wanna shine like CMR Cartel
    Uh, Wodie, Put on your 'boks and your 'bauds
    Uh, and put some 20's on your Benz so you can shine when you roll
    We got the finest cars and the finest broads
    Buyin' mansions on Washingtoners we take our garage
    Uh, now you see now we ride, how we ride
    Wit' VCR's and Playstations, wit' the wood inside
    For sheezy boy
    How you luv that
    Done it again BGeezy off the heezy

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