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    For sure, lil' one
    I know what you're goin' through to shine
    Niggas pullin' off all type of shit
    But, look: if you don't know what you're doin',
    you'd better catch the sideline
    Catch the sideline
    Nigga, the block look the same - it's just crack and cocaine
    Niggas losin' but we still maintainin'
    Livin' life like a penitentiary with a ki in my hand
    Knockin' project bricks
    Flippin' chickens, and movin' out quick
    Hard-hustlin' 'cause we love slingin' this white shit
    S.S., Monte Carlo's, hard-tops - we love that shit
    'Bout two-hundred thugs with this clique
    We multiply everyday for the bullshit
    For the hood shit
    Burned down buildin's ain't no good, slick
    Niggas pullin' auctions on they own cars to get money quick
    Then we dippin' and dabbin'
    Goin' back to the labbin'
    Lil' niggas payin' me for cookin' they slabbin'
    Cook a brick and make it out a brick-and-halfin'
    Chargin' them young g's ten G's for cookin' they slabs
    Say, lil' wodie, I gots to have it
    (Hook - 4x [Juvenile])
    It's a hard life we livin' - they 'bout they drama
    We earn stripes from killin' - attack like piranhas
    [Lil' Wayne]
    On the streets it ain't sweet
    They be (?)
    It's not a game, homeboy - this ain't the NFL
    Him just (?) from rippin' with the mid-deck twelve
    Hit the block in twin-SL's, and spit at gals
    You get that, pal?
    Once it's war, nigga, skip town
    'Cause if I don't do it, be swimmin' with fish, clown
    Now, crack a whole chick down, sell it in quarters
    If the drama happen to hit town, I'm 'nappin' your daughter
    If the broad try to flip out, I'm cuttin' her water
    If your boys try to help out, I'm killin' they fathers
    When and wherever
    What and however - you bring it good
    I'll have your mom singin' "Hmmm hmm hmmm"
    Cause nowadays lot of niggas got coward ways
    So I ride with K's to knock off the side of heads
    But I'm tryin' to stay man, I'm tryin' to stay focused
    What I'm tryin' to say we gon' bust it wide open!
    (Hook - 4x [Juvenile])
    [Mannie Fresh]
    Pimps, playas, riders, rollers, hustlers
    Gangstas, thugs, criminal motherfuckers
    Hit it, quit it, fuck it, leave it, flee
    No evidence at your residence - that's me
    Black, ugly, mean, sheisty bastard
    Preachers and teachers sayin', "I'm surprised you lasted."
    Guns, drugs, bitches hot sex
    Weed, crack, heroin - what's next?
    Feds, cops, killers politicians
    Hookers, hoes, (?) all on missions
    Crooks, mayors, presidents, and leaders
    N-double-A-CP, rednecks, and meat beaters
    Mommas, baby-mommas, aunties and cousins
    Scatter sites, knocked-out lights, projects by the dump
    And cars, broads, murders ghetto life
    I went through all that shit
    for platinum ringers and a little bit of ice
    (Hook - 4x [Juvenile])
    I've been blessed
    I thank the Lord everyday
    for gettin' me from 'round these devils in these dark hallways
    How the fuck you gonna help me when I don't care?
    Niggas see me front it all - they just look and stare
    And talk about how it should be and how it could be
    Bentley in my basement - ain't nobody understood me
    Take care of your people like you take care of your kids
    'Cause money ain't shit when you don't know how to live
    And niggas gon' pretend to be your friend when they ain't
    You expect 'em to be there until the end, but they can't
    Now, how many of you can say you're a real nigga?
    Play the Prowler, but scared to go in the field with ya
    You gon' know your nigga - he gon' be there, still with ya
    Whether if it's talkin' or slingin' the steal with ya
    Don't answer nobody questions
    Gotta turn to the Lord with a confession
    (Hook - 4x [Juvenile])
    It's a hard life we livin' - 'cause they 'bout they drama
    We earn stripes from killin' - attack like piranhas

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