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    [Mack 10]
    Hoo Bangin' and Cash Money
    Hustlin' every Frday

    Got a package on Wednesday, Thursday I broke it up
    Now Friday done came, today we cookin' up
    Ain't gettin' loaded nigga, no time for fuckin' up
    I'm breakin' niggaz of with bricks from hust-a-lers
    The hood done changed cause niggaz is comin' up
    Ya short me, I'ma have to blow your hood up
    The feds on my ass but I need my change
    So I could ride Hummers, Jags and Bentleys man

    [Manny Fresh]
    It's that day, phat day
    Kidnappin' and gun play
    I need my riches from you bitches and I can't stay
    Now that the flavor that I savor neighbor, 20 inch thangs
    Rag on my head, white T-shirt and bagette chains
    Mac like roni the one and only
    Nigga Puff like Daddy and I'm pretty like Tony
    Friday, lie day, tell the lil nigga I'll pay 'em
    And when he come up with the product, ya'll niggaz spray 'em
    Now why they
    Had to do me on Friday

    Chorus: B.G. (2x)

    It's Friday, nigga on the block straight shinin'
    Runnin' a bitch down, tryin' to get it I'm grindin'
    Sellin' 2 for 1's what ever nigga I got it
    Them checks came out so the set straight poppin'

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Listen, listen, listen, la
    Weezy-We, movin' 20 ki's a week
    On a good friday it's like easy street
    Breakin' down whole chickens, to quarters and halves
    You gould get it harded than slabs or softer than sand
    If you come around my course nigga
    Askin' for the short nigga
    Not on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I be duckin' the law nigga
    You know I got that raw nigga, bags to bricks
    Whole things goin' for 10 and ounces for 6
    Look it's iceberg nigga expect the worst
    Friday done fell on the first and I got that work
    And if I fron the whole thing, I'ma ask for 11
    If I front a half a thing, I'm taxin' ya 7
    Cause I gotta ride dubs nigga runnin' whatever
    A CMR standard nigga got a flosser Kompressor
    I got a extra 223, and my pockets to spend
    And on the next Friday, I'ma do it again

    Chorus: B.G. (2x)

    [Mack 10]
    Man first it was a hard night
    And that was good Friday, I got to duck 'til I'm special on the hard white
    I'm ridin' 20 inches, flossin', stay shinin'
    I'm the boss, I get chickens at cost and stay grindin'
    Don't make me put on the bass and so I'm bout to start hoopin'
    I'll remake 2 out a 1 so I can get hootin' and recoopin'
    My game gettin' strong and my profit gettin' long
    I bust the whole chick down and sell it all in zones
    Try to beat me or cheat me and get your shirt stained up
    And run for pop those hollows towards the door and freeze your brain up
    All hustlin' hit the stores and turn the flame up
    Left the water bubblin' and rocked the caine up
    So Baby, you Wayne and Fresh y'all get the machetes
    Put it in B.G. cook it and y'all chop it when it's ready
    And when you come to my hood and you lookin' for them thangs
    Mack 10 is the name on the Caddy door now what

    [Manny Fresh]
    Why they
    Had to do me on Friday
    Why they
    Had to persue on Friday
    Why they
    Had to do me on Friday
    Why they
    Had to persue on Friday
    Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot

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