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    (feat. Jazze Pha)
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, ohhhhh
    Nah just kidding, ha....ha...ha
    Ay! ay ay ay!
    Welcome to the side of the world where we just do
    What the fuck we want to
    And smoke how we wanna smoke
    And fly
    Up above the sky
    Fly with me as I go around the world
    Boys and girls, here it is

    Well I'ma smoke (I'm gon' smoke)
    Until I choke (until I choke)
    And I'ma drank (I'ma shole drank)
    Until I can't (until I can't)

    See I'ma smoke (yes I'ma smoke)
    Until I choke (until I choke)
    And I'ma dra-a-ank (I'ma drank)
    Until I can't (until I can't) oh oh
    Oh ye-heah

    Smokin hydro-phonic and I'm high as a kite
    Sippin on some crissy on a Saturday night
    Mind on my money and my money on my mind and i got
    Freaks at the teley ready to, do a nigga all day all night
    Drinkin on a bottle of that seriousness
    Tell that bitch that you wit to mind her bizz-a-ness
    Cause she'll be under the spreads
    Givin me head in a Holiday Inn
    Under the cover
    Drunk as a mutha fucka
    Me and her friend
    Got the OG goin on til 6 in the morn'
    We gon' drink, we gon' smoke, we gon' make us a porn
    Now tell the TRUTH, ABSOLUT make ya wanna have SEX
    But BaCARDI
    Make you NAUGHTY
    You don't have to use X
    But weed is what you need to get yo mind flowin right
    But HENESSEE is ENERGY, we fuckin tonight
    And RUM'll make you NUMB
    Make your dick stand strong
    And CHRONIC is BIONIC, make the sex last long


    [Mannie Fresh]
    Now, y'all see, I'm at a point in my life
    Where don't shit matter to me but smokin
    Ya know?
    They don' tur

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