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    (feat. TQ, Trick Daddy)
    [Chorus: TQ]
    All I ever wanted to do was be da man
    Get out the ghetto and feed my whole fam
    But the dirty streets in the city won't let me go (let me go, let me go)

    All I ever wanted to do was be da man
    Get out the ghetto and feed my whole fam
    But quarter ki's make G's that's all i know (all i know, all i know)

    [Trick Daddy]
    A hit of crack frock could get ya fucked up
    A ki of coke could get you rich
    but too much of this shit can get you stuck up
    That's why it's best to deal wit a nigga that you know and chill wit
    Case he flip the script, you know where he live at
    Plus, the game don' came a long way
    Yeah we don' lost a lot of niggas that was speedin down the wrong way
    See these days these niggas squeeze triggas quicker than yo boys
    Cuz they got guns bigger than yours
    Plus ain't not more coppin out
    You either ridin or tellin, if you ride then you ride forever
    Born the son of a straight killa
    Raised by a strong woman, I'll ride for my homies
    So, can a nigga get a boooonnnd
    Or do another nigga have to come along and raise my daughter......son
    Your Honor, answer this question and be honest
    If you lock me up for the summer will you support my momma?


    Ay ay, move on over (wooooo)
    I sit and took over
    2 clips, the AK holder
    Brick taped to my bitch
    Strapped on her shoulder
    Raw grams in the trunk of a jag
    Hard ounces stashed in my cadillac dash
    It's drought season daddy, we huntin for riches
    We fly like birds go divin for fishes
    A known deep boy, the

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