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    Stickin' together like glue
    Blood is thick so I'm tight
    Swimmin' for my people
    Don't mind losin' my life
    Ridin' or fryin'
    Don't matter nigga I'm real
    All the time
    The red thicker than the clear
    Get in the way
    And you get maced in the face
    50 niggas will chase
    Put a end to yo' day
    Hit yo' set in the black on black
    With Macs
    With red dots on 'em
    Will leave you flat
    Yo' moms with the black on her
    On the front level
    6 ft. is where you be there goes the men with the shovels
    Blood thicker than water
    I'ma keep it like that
    Never turnin' my back
    And I'ma keep it like that
    Much love for my people
    They got love for me
    Outsiders get outta line
    Get burnt up from the heat
    I'ma play it how it go
    Be down to the finish
    Fuck havin' friends cuz friends turn into your enemies

    (Juvenile)Load it up slide it in cock it back pop it out.
    Load it up slide it in yall die.
    (Lil Wayne) Load it up slide it in cock it back pop it out.
    CMB226 we all ride.

    Money and bitches don't mix
    Hoes shit got a lotta niggas fixed
    That's why I stick with blood thicker than water shit
    Me and my brothers split keys
    Get me 18 ounces nigga, and 10 g's
    Ridin' in convertable Rolls Royce with the HB's
    Draped with diamonds and gold hoes love me
    Fuckin' right nigga I raised the B.G.
    That's why I'm a hot boy on these city streets
    Blood thicker than water I know you feel me
    Set trip motherfucker we gon' kill ya
    Change on ya brain
    Lets sneak and then peel ya
    I walk light
    But I still got my gh

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