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    Verse:1 Baby
    Nigga I got these hoes iced up enough
    While my lil B.G.s on the bus puttin' out cigarette butts
    But me personally playboy I don't give a fuck
    And I'm a always show love to my cut
    Hit tha club light tha bitch up
    The Cash Money motto we got ta drank 'til we throw up
    Nigga point the hoe out guaranteed I can fuck
    Wootay I'm tattooed and barred up
    Medallion iced up
    Rolex bezelled up
    And my pinky ring is platinum plus
    Earrings be trillion cut
    And my grill be slugged up
    My heart filled with anger cuz nigga i don't give a fuck
    Stack my chesse up
    Cuz oneday I'm a give this street life up
    Beef I don't discuss
    A nigga outta line gone get his muthafuckin' head bust
    Cash Money millionaires plus
    Don't touch sumin nigga you can't fuck
    Twenty inches t.v.s is a must
    By the year two thousand I'm gut out my bus

    Verse:2 Lil'Turk
    A lil nigga seventeen playin' with six figures
    Got so much ice you can skate on a nigga
    When you see cash money you know you stay flossin'
    Catch cha girl down bad ya know we straight tossin'
    I aint seen a click yet that can stunt like mine
    I aint seen a marette that can run like mine
    And its our turn to shine
    Fifty or better on our wrist and they all blind
    Pourin' vodka 'til I die drank 'til I faint
    'Til a nigga tell me I need another drank
    My nigga Baby told me work nigga trick to them hoes
    Nigga baby told me work nigga better than treatin yo nose
    I'm tha freak of tha click
    Keep it on tha tuck so I creep on a bitch
    And I play it on the raw never sleep with a bitch
    Keep it real with my niggas
    Never weep for a bitch
    Never weep for a bit

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