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    For sure, lil' one
    Off top, playboy
    Look here
    These lil' young jive motherfuckers just jumpin' off the porch
    Let me at 'em
    Better catch they motherfuckin' cut, nigga
    Look, this block is mine
    And I don't need these niggas playin' with our hoes
    'Cause they're my hoes (say, playboy)
    I done fucked the whole block already, ya understand
    We don't even want you comin' 'round no more
    Bitch-ass nigga, catch your cut
    We got this shit, wodie
    Gotta hustle
    {verse 1}
    [Baby + (B.G.)]
    Back where I started on my set in black (Uh-huh)
    Hopped out the passenger side of my 'Lac (Then what?)
    Under my nuts was two ounces of crack (Yeah?)
    My lil' nigga, Geezy, say he needed a stack (For sure)
    Fronted my lil' wodie a ounce of crack
    The bricks look the same, but them youngsters be strapped
    From snortin' dope smokin' momo's, and jackin'
    Old folks scared that's why they be snappin' (What?)
    Callin' the law look (?)
    I told the young nigga to learn the mack
    Poppin' two, shor-tay
    Four in the mack
    [Baby + (B.G.)]
    We hard-headed head bustas
    We don't give a fuck - untamed motherfuckers
    Jumped off the porch as a young motherfucker (What?)
    My mind went dead (What?)
    My daddy's dead (What?)
    My brother's a dope fiend, I'm duckin' the Fed (You lyin')
    Word got around that a nigga was paid (Yeah?)
    Supplied the whole uptown - word was said (Yeah?)
    With quarters and halves (Yeah?), chickens and bricks (Yeah?)
    Bundles of dope and ounces and shit
    We drive Bentley's and Jags (What?),Corvettes and bikes (What?)
    Two Mercedes Wagons with kits and lights (What?)
    (?) and Prowlers (What?), Suburbans and jets (What?)
    Twenty-inch momo's with a-thousand a bet (For sure)
    (Hook2x [B.G.])
    Big Tymers - they g's, too
    Them niggas'll creep, too
    They'll slang iron where your family sleep, too
    Big Tymers - they thug, too
    Them niggas sell drugs, too
    They don't just stunt - Baby and Fresh'll bust, too
    [Mannie Fresh + (B.G.)]
    Now, I know you been waitin', playa, all night long (For what?)
    For me to say, "Fuck a bitch," in a tight-ass song (What?)
    Well, this the one, lil' daddy: fuck that bitch (Fuck her)
    Y'all know who I'm talkin' 'bout - she can suck my dick (Eat up)
    They want (?) with a nigga when your money come right (For real?)
    When shit get bad, them hoes clean outta sight (For real?)
    B.G. downed the broad and he passed her to Juvy (What?)
    Baby got the bitch, and he put her in a movie
    Triple-X rated (Huh?)
    Joe Casey say, "The bitch ate it."
    Our two D.J.'s say, "The bitch can't be faded."
    Once again, it's on
    The bitch jammed up with Stone (Then what?)
    Wayne and Turk did the bitch when we left her alone
    Then the sharks, nigga (Sharks?)
    Yes, the sharks, nigga (Yes, the sharks, nigga)
    Fucked the bitch in her ass in the park, nigga (In the park, nigga)
    I don't know that lil' nigga, but I'ma pass her to him
    Motherfuck that dog ass, jive bitch: Kim
    (Hook [B.G.])
    Big Tymers don't trust hoes
    Big Tymers don't love hoes
    After they finished with 'em, them niggas, they'll shove hoes
    Big Tymers - they toss hoes
    They don't brown-nose
    They think they all that, they got the whole clique down them hoes
    Big Tymers don't trust hoes
    Big Tymers don't love hoes
    After they finished with 'em, them niggas, they'll shove hoes
    Big Tymers - they toss hoes
    Them niggas don't brown-nose
    They think they all that, they got the whole clique down them hoes
    What, what, what,
    We put diamonds, and Rolies, and bracelets, and rings, and
    necklace, and pendants, and $'s, and chains, and
    twenty's on Bentley's, and Prowlers, and Jaguars
    Cadillac's, and Benzes, and Beamer's, and fast cars
    Houses and mansions with marble and mink floors
    Movie-screen TV's with automatic glass doors
    Hoes say they love me, but friendships don't last, though
    We rich but we fucked up from shit with the last hoes
    The dollar ain't on the chest, the body is still tatted
    Ride or die for CMR - get outta line, get battered
    Lil' Wheezy more platted
    Baby more platted
    Big Tymers, Hot Boys, and them sharks - they all gatted
    My watch thirty karats - Suga Don the grand-daddy
    Rappers, while you're hatin' your car, we now have it
    (?) we move packages, (?) jack it
    Man stood and rest in piece - head bustas was his jackin'
    Dog, when I grow up, I wanna be just like me:
    A millionaire, bobbin' his head to a Mannie Fresh beat
    And I swear under my shirt, June Miami heat
    Around my neck with some fingers'll last 'til January
    (Hook3x [B.G.])
    Big Tymers stunt very hard
    Drive the finest cars
    Big Tymers got that work
    Got a Impala, and got it hard
    Big Tymers - they live in lavish
    Neck and the wrist is platted
    Every kind of diamond that they got, them niggas have it
    For sure, nigga (For sure, nigga)
    B.G. and the fam'
    If you gotta be a B.T.
    ([B.] It's like bein' a H.B.)
    A H.B.
    ([B.] Ya understand)
    Ya understand
    Ya undersmell that
    Ya gotta go get it
    Damn, Baby, you're blindin' me, yeah
    You're blindin' me, yeah
    Boy, you're blindin' me, yeah
    You're blindin' me, yeah
    ([B.] Turk and Lil' Wheezy)
    Lil' Wheezy
    ([B.] To then B.Geezy)
    To then B.Geezy, to O.Geezy
    How you love that
    And it's all good, nigga (It's all good, nigga)
    ([B.] Get your mind right)
    Get your mind right
    Big Tymers been doin' this here (Been doin' this here)
    Since '92, nigga
    Pimpin' ain't easy (Pimpin' ain't easy)
    ([B.] Been stun'n)
    Been stun'n
    ([B.] Repped out like a motherfucker)
    Number-one stunna, nigga
    ([B.] Uptown New Orleans, nigga)
    The world's number-one stunna, and the world's best producer, nigga
    The Big Tymers

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