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    Manny Fresh:
    I told ya fuckin' ass I be back
    In a brand new Fleetwood Cadillac
    License plate say money makin' nigga fa sho
    Chillin' by ya boy house kissin' on these hoes
    See these broads want stars
    Big dicks down in the drows
    Seven days a week seven brand new cars
    Yeah I done it parkin' GS 300
    Check us and front it the Navigator
    Garage with the elevator
    You not a hata
    Then press second floor
    So you can see the muthfuckin' Big Tymers car show
    Now on the left side we got the brand new Benz
    And on the right side bitches shakin' ass for ends
    And in the middle niggas throwin' 20s and 10s
    And up top niggas drinkin' juices with gin juices with gin juices with gin

    [Verse 2]
    News cars
    Pretty broads
    Neighborhood superstars
    Going far
    Goin' to the super bowl
    In the hole
    And I owe my nigga for frontin' me two kilos
    Yellow ice
    With new heights
    Hoes got my name right
    Fame got my muthafuckin' game tight
    Dirt digga
    Hoe go-getta
    Nigga outta line
    Playboy I got ten on ya feet
    Car shinna
    Rim blinda
    20 inch rida
    Nigga and you can ride right beside me
    Titty watcha
    Hoe stoppa
    VCR tape poppa
    Neighborhood naked flick watcha
    Border line Hen (hennesey) poppa
    Byran is my heart and Pearl is my number one chick
    And Ca$h Money Records gone run this nationwide shit
    And playa you can believe that shit

    (Chorus) 4x
    Whoa whoa whoa keymosuave
    Big big big ballin' is my hobby

    [Verse 3]
    Manny Fresh:
    I see you jockin' Baby cuz he got a Mercedes
    And ya know about his ladies
    And all his babies

    I know what they like
    Them brand new bikes
    So we can ride around town like Tina and Ike
    I'ma shine till I die nigga
    We worldwide everybody know Ca$h Money ride or die nigga

    Manny Fresh:
    Twenty inch wheels is what I roll
    And when I pass yo bitch all outta control

    Buyin' Lexus Land Cruisers
    The 4-7 the big pipe user
    Hoe abuser

    Manny Fresh:
    Its the project sticker man
    Full of liquor man
    Ridin' with cha bitch with the tymers playin'

    Ballin everyday popin' Dom P bottles
    Ball til ya fall is the Ca$h Money motto
    Flashy cars
    Pretty broads
    The word uptown we bought these cars
    For girls I bought
    Pretty jewels
    With new shoes
    With tatoos
    A Ca$h Money motto do what you gotta do

    Manny Fresh:
    Fight who you gotta fight
    Shoot who you gotta shoot
    Boot who you gotta boot
    Do what you gotta do

    (Chorus) 4x

    Manny Fresh:
    Ten years ago a friend of mine
    Brought me to uptown second line
    Met meatball, nair, anglin mets
    Want you do a D.J. in the jets
    Bought two trigger mans and brown beat
    Now you can pop that pussy in the middle of the street
    Best believe next week I'ma be downtown
    Point court St. Bernard bitch throwin' down
    Then I'm mosy on down cross the kanel
    Put up the mic cuz I got a fuckin' story ta tell
    Baby: Yous a Ca$h Money bitch say what you still a Ca$h Money bitch
    Manny: I say lil Lisa
    Baby: Youstill a Ca$h Money bitch say what you still a Ca$h Money bitch
    Manny: My nigga Baby ya wit me
    Baby: Fa sho
    Manny: Now bring it to the McMelph Caliope

    Niggas livin' for the Sunday
    On the lake bakin' cake watchin' niggas ridin' round with they honey
    Drinkin Dacquri
    Hoes packin'
    White folks actin'
    Givin' tickets nigga for the jackin'
    Niggas feudin'
    Game losin'
    Lil told me ta watch these hoes tryin' ta abuse me
    Joe Casey
    Goin' crazy
    My homeboy told me ta watch these muthafuckin' feds
    Chilly chilly actin' silly
    But cha name killa
    Told me he gone kill'em a nigga
    Suga Slim
    All in
    Game tight
    And we just about ta start this all night flight

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