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    You know
    Do it big nigga
    If you don't do nothing do it big, fuck it
    Ain't like your stupid ass gonna live twice
    Ball like a dawg, nigga fuck it
    If you doin it small do it big, know what I'm sayin'
    Hey Fresh, what's happenin' with you partna

    [Manny Fresh]
    Big stars, Big cars
    Big shows, Big hoes, Big drawers
    Big drama with baby mammas
    Get a wheels, pay her bills, Big Tymin
    Big titties, Big cities
    Dike bitches that love eatin' kitties

    Big whips with Big clips
    Big everything round here, Big dicks
    Real niggas, Big niggas
    Fuck with us, man, we kill niggas
    Big rocks, cooking pods
    Crack in a hustla, don't stop

    [Manny Fresh]
    Big screens, we fiends
    Fuck it, five NFL teams
    Big pieces, Big caprices
    Fuck cousins and even nieces
    Big bank, Big rank
    A lot of vodka, Big drinks

    Big pimpin', with no sippin'
    Hard on hoes, so bitch keep limpin'
    Big trucks, with Big guts
    Chromed pipes, we carry Big nuts
    Big shows, car shows
    I'll be there on the winter, fo sho

    [Manny Fresh]
    Big seats, Big trucks
    Gotta have space for Big nuts
    Big love, on dubs
    My shit - - - - -
    Big gut, so what
    (she ain't a dime bitch)
    I don't really give a fuck

    This is for all my niggas
    We gon' ride uptown on this one
    Big G in a capri
    Mac in a clip and sittin' on a C
    Big me, Big Seato, Big Elton, Big Tanto
    We running streets
    Big whop, with Big glocks
    Bitch ass fillin' Clarol don't stop

    [Manny Fresh]
    This week, Big freak
    Can't talk cause she gots splash on her teeth
    Big rims, Big rubbers
    Big dicks, Big chicks, my lovers
    Big hot, You're not

    Big flakes, with Big capes
    Fuck it, fuck a police chase
    I'm Big Tymin
    Big lines
    Number 1 stunna daddy it's my time
    Big chips, Big dips
    I ain't gonna lie the bitch got Big lips

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