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    Now I'm feeling good and fine
    Smokin green and drinkin wine
    Ten thousand dollars at the bar (all on baby)
    I guess that makes me a super-duper star
    Drinkin ripple and tangarae
    A brand new drink I call it bri-barae
    My life is beautiful
    (Livin that good life)
    It's just beautiful
    (Livin that good life)(2x)
    Take me baby to the motel
    When we're finished you can go tell
    Teresa, Lisa, and Dawn
    How we got butt-naked and got it on
    How I split ya, hit ya and brung ya home
    Stole ya chains and rings and herenbone
    Dont hate me baby cause I'm beautiful
    These flashy cars aint new to y'all(2x)
    [Spoken : Baby]
    How you love that 1998
    Thats Big Tymer style
    There's a lot of these niggas baller blockin
    Standin in the way
    Cause I'm gone shine
    All the time
    How you love that (yeah)
    On the bass
    Funky Fingaz can I get a woday
    On the keys just woday (woday)
    Just woday (woday)
    Big woday (woday)
    Take it to the bridge take it to the bridge
    Just rollerskate rollerskate
    Dont player hate player hate(2x)
    [Spoken : Baby]
    This here is platinum material
    Just light, light-weight track
    How you love that
    It's gorgeous out here
    I'm a neighborhood superstar
    I'd rather be young rich and local
    Than nationwide and broke bro
    All the time (all the time)
    All the time
    Y'all can say what you want about me
    I got this man
    Drinks is on me
    Everybody order something, drinks on me
    Everything on me (moet, moet)
    I love myself
    I love myself, I love myself
    Shouts out to the whole city
    The broads alright but the niggas pretty

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