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    (feat. Bun B)

    Now since I live in these motherfucking projects
    Police don't want to see us in cadillacs
    I bought a woman on gold to match my goals
    And I don't have to drop one of my hoes
    I got a Lexus and a Benz
    Expedition on chrome partner
    With 20 inch rims
    A hummer and a rose royce
    I got a candy helicopter in the lake front nigga
    I'm a ball till I fall
    Talk shit till I fuck
    I'ma fly till I die
    Shake till I break
    I'ma bake these cakes and drink alizate
    And fuck a different bitch every night of the week
    I'ma shop till pop and keep a high price partner
    Range and rove, got a mouth full a gold
    And I love these hoes
    Niggas wearing Rolexes
    Spendin 50 or better till coming back from Texas
    Bustin leafs and leather
    Got a hummer full of bricks
    Cuz I know I'm the shit, you can believe that nigga
    Got diamonds and golds so I can blind these hoes
    I'ma ball till fall, spending g's at the mall
    Have a big ballin party, inviting all y'all
    10 G's around my neck, 50 g's on my rolex
    100 G's on my Benz, 20 G's on my rims
    5 G's just laying on the floor
    I party, hit the dope and give you 5 G's son
    The old man never seen that much cash before
    700 G's stashed away for my son
    I hit it harder and get some cold rum
    Downstairs has 2 million just in case I die
    Baby we ain't gonna ride
    The little BC gonna ball till I die
    Playboy, tell me how you luv that?

    [Mannie Fresh]
    I got so many cars I don't know what to do
    I got so many hoes I'll give one to you
    Lexus laying wit the TV playin, that my CO
    Projects swallow me, cuz I'm negro
    The cornrolls don't got a hummer man
    The broads too I keep the hurricane
    Nigga raw street, thats the bubblied Benz
    Nigga raw folks, wit the Batman Benz, come on
    Put your eyes on this nigga Baby
    Papa, I got a diamond ring for you maybe
    I slam cadillac bowls me and Baby gram
    Out of state hoes wit diamond rings
    7 nigga teens
    Look at the fuckin karats on your triple beam
    How you luv that?
    Lexus wit the blue stripe
    Can you take that Apollo with the white ass pipes
    100's, 1000's, millions, damn
    Like from 6 till noon, I buy a whole building man

    [Bun B]
    Bitch we top of the line
    Never fuck wit niggas that drop a dime
    Thinking we ballin I'll fuck if you mine
    Your talks is too high. there's some diamonds bout to be blind
    Stop some time, then you can possibly climb
    I got Cash Money to prove it
    Walking and talking like I'm all cute and
    Refreshen and reuse it
    With cars you can't purchase
    While you strugglin for 2 g's at churches
    Nobody searchin, they just find and drop the bitch
    Probably looking for the boy, so we can get out this bitch
    Now the drink is on us, for the fights no fuck
    I'm visiting a whore, hoes only got butts, get naked
    and show cunts
    I need fucking sucking ass blowing
    Now just back up and show us your butt
    Blow up when you see us
    Go down the beach and get some Reeses
    If don't believe it, ask Jesus
    Bitch we ballin

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