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    Grab a hold of yourself, open your eyes
    Get wise to the exercise
    Being taught by the teacher thatę?Æ most dominant
    You need knowledge?
    Well Ię?¦ dropping it
    Listen to the rap allow it to trap
    Your body and soul so that you can adapt
    To the man on display as I take you away
    So may I?

    Proud to be a Black man
    Coming exact and
    Giving up to brothers five on the back hand
    Pray for lease and peace upon each other
    With my sisters and brothers

    I say the mother, as in the motherland
    But on the other hand, another man
    Tackled and shackled our ancestors
    But we beat him with freedom, so letę?Æ bless the
    Country that we all came from
    Because the moral of it all is we shall overcome
    The cream will keep rising
    We be sizing
    Up, the Asiatic one is enterprising
    Building and building to carry on
    All the way from Malcolm X to Farrakhan
    Martin Luther was a tutor, many were pupils
    Those who fell victim were those without scruples
    However, to sever, we could never
    So hold up the peace sign and stand together
    Take heed to the words that I manifest
    And when Ię?¦ through speaking, Marley Marlę?£l do the rest

    People, people
    We gotta get over, before we go under (x2)
    Letę?Æ get together> (x2)

    Yo Big Daddy, what you gonna say now?>

    Take a stand the fight for power
    Cause weę?³e been here before the Mayflower
    Living superior abiding by nature
    The history of the Asiatic one paid the
    Price to be paid in slavery
    Like the name of Antonio was gave to me
    But knowledge of self broke every shackle and chain
    Now I declare myself as the Big Daddy Kane
    The teacher, teaching a lesson to be heard
    Thatę?Æ word, to the mother my brother
    So discover the truth of one another
    Cause hereę?Æ the real deal upon our skin color
    Lay down white, yellow, red or pink
    But the color of black is most dominant
    The rising and sizing can never cease


    Is the original man, we just canę?° escape our destiny>


    Crowd:  yeah, thatę?Æ right...>

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