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    featuring Gamilah Shabazz  
    "I was born.."  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    A black man from the motherland  
    Speakin a language today most people don't understand  
    where no one could bother me  
    cause I had freedom, justice, and equality  
    But then one day it was tooken away  
    and I was shipped to the U.S.A.  
    A young brother, made into a slave  
    to harvest the midlands and clean the chittlins  
    Given a new name, new religion  
    No freedom to vote, not even to make a decision  
    I saw my peoples, sold raped and took out  
    The rest of that stuff that Alex Haley talks about  
    They said I'm not from Asia I'm from Africa  
    And all the blacks there now are just scavengers  
    That's the way my mind was poisoned  
    to believe that in America blacks are inferior  
    A weak mind and a body of swine  
    only adds up to being - deaf dumb and blind  
    Illiterate to who where what and why  
    So I ask myself: who am I?  
    "I was born.."  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    A native New Yorker on the streets  
    Known for rockin rhymes to real rough beats  
    that I found in the attic, noisy with static  
    A sound that made me, a hip-hop fanatic  
    I made a few songs that sold OK  
    Never top 20 or plenty airplay  
    I came out hardcore, flexin cock diesel  
    Saw a little cash, and pop goes the weasel  
    I had to make that change and rearrange  
    my whole rap format, no hardcore rap  
    So now all the pop charts I rule  
    over New Kids on the Block and Paula Abdul, huh  
    I thought I made it, then my song faded  
    and none of the black stations ever have played it  
    I tried to blame it on MTV  
    and say, "Damn, they cold played me for Young MC"  
    But when you get down to it, I'm the real blame  
    because I wanted the fame  
    Money is not only the root of all evil  
    It's also the destruction of black people, so  
    conjunction junction, what's your function?  
    Bein a scout, or sellin out?  
    Look in the mirror at yourself, eye to eye  
    and say: who am I?  
    [Gamilah Shabazz]  
    A solid change, have to rearrange this strange  
    feelin I'm feelin, so appealin  
    I am having to deal with  
    Time to forget the myth, of bein black and a woman  
    Can't get ahead, walkin on a thread, a tightrope  
    Can't cope, don't be a dope, have a little bit of hope  
    Runnin your scope on affairs  
    You have to be aware, don't flare up  
    Let your cup runneth over  
    I'm not Irish, don't need a donut to fill up my dish  
    nor two mango wish to wish on a star, they're so far  
    Anyway I'm thinkin about today, not tomorrow  
    I'm not a follower of anyone  
    My time has come, it's already here  
    My message is clear  
    Like the women of long ago, I am also here  
    also to show, I have the courage  
    Have the strength, I'm for equal opportunity  
    no matter the life, length of time  
    Show me a sign, should I rely on a  
    subliminal message, should I question  
    what would seem to be, life's told me?  
    Yes indeed, so let me speak  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    And that's comin from the daughter of Malcolm X  
    So black women put it in your texts  
    so you can never let, opportunity pass you by  
    or even ask yourself, who am I

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