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    [big daddy kane]

    People people, we gotta get over

    Before we go under, and I wonder

    Why we cant find a little piece of mankind

    Instead of always step back, gimme my damn nine

    Livin the thug, like the shoot up the drug type

    They love to hear the people sayin, "yo that kid is bugged right? "

    Just a game, so please, out here men die

    The average black man today dont make it to see twenty-five

    Cause someone else got the clock rocked

    Tryin to get the neighborhood locked, to be the new man on the block

    But if you asked me whos the man Im like, "you tell me?

    I dont know, ed lover, dr. dre and heavy d? "

    I got my mind on comin up, if not in first place

    Then damnit I plan to be the first runner up

    But it seems, I got a lot of problems under my belt

    And everday I gotta ask myself


    Ah whats goin on, in our society

    Whats goin on, in a de country

    Whats goin on, in your community

    Whats goin on, tell me

    [reggae chat] - cant translate

    [big daddy kane]

    I seen a kid freshly dipped with mad gold

    Fifteen years old, with plenty drugs bein sold

    But then somebody caught him for his air jordans

    His drugs the cash and the jewels he was sportin

    You wanna call your girl a b-i-t-c-h

    You cant appreciate so now shes humpin your man, then she aint

    Cause when you teach her that hoe mentality

    They accept that as reality and give all your friends the skin

    You need to show some love for your people

    All men are created equal, thats why with everybody I always

    Spread love, and keep my pockets full of dol-dollars

    But check it out now

    Were not the uncivilized, the kane ?

    So lets get it together, man we did it when we were slaves

    Instead of always tryin to blame someone else

    Take a look around, and ask yourself


    Ah whats goin on, in your community

    Whats goin on, in a dis country

    Whats goin on, in our society

    Whats goin on, whoahhhh

    [reggae chat] - cant translate

    [big daddy kane]

    Nowadays its all about provin you aint nuttin soft

    And everybodys always talkin about bustin off

    But that aint where we gotta go, kid we can throw

    And handle this thing like holyfield and blow

    Then when we get it off our chest, lets put it to rest

    And try to make some money progress

    Because if I got a dollar, and you got ten

    And you can get a hundred from a friend if five others kick in

    Shoot, we can take that stack and put it back

    In a community thats black, to make our people attract

    Like somethin magnetic, cause word is bond its pathetic

    We always talkin about this piece of the pie

    But it seems we cant get it

    Unless we field the life of a drug dealer

    And start stellin llello but you know where they go

    Up to the penile, because they chose to be wild

    And now youre upstate kid, uh, waitin patiently to see trial

    Now let that whole gangsta route slide

    Theres too much money and skins here on the outside

    For me to ever let my freedom go

    Cause I got mine, now get yous, and let me know


    Ah whats goin on, in our society

    Whats goin on, when you nah haf no money

    Whats goin on, people on the street

    Whoahhh, why is it so..

    [reggae chat] - cant translate

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