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    featuring Spinderella, Laree Williams, Karen Anderson  
    My, my, my, yes, I must admit  
    That I have never knew love like this before  
    And I adore everything about you  
    I do mean every part of  
    For meeting someone this beautiful, have mercy  
    I wanna kiss ya father  
    You're the kinda girl I wanna get closer to  
    Become the most to you like love is supposed to do  
    Cuz I fell straight into your trap  
    And since they say love is blind  
    I'm the Ray Charles of rap  
    And I'm waiting for you to put me in your mix  
    Because ya got my nose open like a jar of Vicks  
    I'll be your king, baby, you can be my queen  
    Uh, let's stay together like Al Green because  
    All my love is all I have  
    And my dreams are very special  
    All my life I looked for you  
    And today my dreams come true  
    You need me and I need you  
    Love in us is very special  
    Things you seem to do devine  
    You look straight into my eyes  
    Oh, our love was meant to be  
    Cuz our souls touch tenderly  
    Love is life and life is living very special  
    Well I must admit that you know how to treat a woman  
    Don't stop your love, like Keith Sweat, keep it comin'  
    And our relationship won't ever get dull  
    Because you're always on my mind even more than my own skull  
    You're always givin' me respect and chivalry  
    And I can't wait for your enticing delivery  
    Staying together is a must  
    Those tropicana drinks don't blend as good as us  
    We were made for each other, meant for one another  
    Neither one of us needs another lover  
    And just so it can stay that way  
    Yo, I'm on your side like Jennifer Holiday because  
    I talk the macho talk and keep my real feelings hidden  
    But what about that "pimpin' ain't easy stuff"?  
    Aw, I was just kiddin'  
    Cuz if we unite, baby, I'd do ya right  
    Well I hope you meant that mushy stuff you told Barry White  
    Because I think I know you well enough to be understood  
    Well let's talk about sex, babe  
    No, not that good  
    But Spinderella, yes, Miss, I'll still persist  
    Well since you put it like that Daddy then we can do this  
    I wanna give ya my love  
    Cuz you're the only one I'm thinking of  
    I wanna give my love  
    Cuz you're the only one I'm thinking of  
    I wanna give ya my love  
    Cuz you're the only one I'm thinking of

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