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    Somebody get the God Kane, I know he'll back you up  
    Kick a rhyme spectacular, I think the Nigga think he Blackula  
    I seen somebody trying to get him with sunlight  
    Somehow it wasn't done right, then he just laced him with one bite  
    Go for the jugular vein, that's my new thing  
    How did you do it with two fangs, think they were gold like Wu-tang  
    Your luck has been changed, you're left strucken with pain  
    Well good for your ass kid, that's what you get for fucking with Kane.  
    I creep on MC's like po' nine and take rhymes the whole nine  
    to dig in you rappers like a coalmine  
    Now look what I dug me, somebody better turn me off or try to unplug me  
    Ooh it's starting to get ugly  
    Don't miss this, hold on with a clenched fist  
    As I tongue the microphone down just like a French kiss.  
    Relentless with lyrics that be brutal, hip-hop I stay true to  
    Put it on you like voodoo  
    Unda presha, niggas unfold and felt the heat  
    Possessed with the Brooklyn techniques we freak  
    Ay yo Kane, hit us off with that shit one time  
    They can't believe it, infatuated hardcore rhymes  
    Verse 2  
    When you diggin' out your girl from behind, you're gonna find  
    The reason that her eyes are closed, Black Caesar's on her mind  
    Your royal smoothness, honeys out there know how it goes  
    Even Cabesa de pollos that habla Español  
    Dig this now, run for your life to get away but none do  
    Even if you escape just tell me who can you run to  
    Test the, stupendous, tell me what was you to gain  
    Internal bleeding, due to Kane  
    Boom bow bow, ooh, the pain  
    Nobody's equal, keep it lethal, and diesel, to see to the people  
    And reach your cerebral cause that's how we do  
    The pain gets inflicted, fake MC's get evicted  
    Face it, truth of the matter is just that I'm too hard to get with  
    Since days of Pro Keds, I shined over mad heads, roll up on you like the Feds  
    Rip your whole set to shreds  
    A crash or a wreck, because I mash for respect  
    Only thing I want to know now, is this cash or a check?  
    Verse 3  
    Ain't no question,  
    I'm suffering a bad case of lyrical congestion  
    Not the one for testing,  
    come mess with and end up with your chest split  
    No, not because of cardiac, but because how hard he act.  
    I'm recognized as the microphone destroyer  
    Competition minds in the state of paranoia  
    I said if you're scared, get a dog  
    So by tomorrow you'll probably see 20 rappers walking with Rotweilers  
    Your gimmick is primitive, and impotent  
    You won't win with it so limit it  
    before I make your body start to hemorrhage  
    Just when you thought that you was burning me  
    You found yourself bleeding internally  
    Now you heads is learning see  
    I stay in there sincere,  
    You commence prayer,  
    Your heart begins fear, cause there ain't no wins here  
    Never kid, even with leverage  
    I can rock your headpiece worse than the wop ever did  
    I damage a amateur with a lack of stamina  
    Petty grammar, leave you for the medical examiner  
    You come talking bout some stay real  
    I'll have you hitting high notes like Curtis,  
    cause of pain that you may feel (Mayfield)  
    So many tried to infiltrate, but couldn't penetrate  
    Now they disintegrate as money generate  
    From who the living legend,  
    True indeed, Hip- hop veteran,  
    Whip ass is probably out there  
    But I swear I never met him  
    Gimme mine

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