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    Mmmm, mmm, mmm!  
    My my my my my my my my my  
    This must be what you call, love at first sight  
    When you commit yourself to someone  
    and don't even know wrong from right (wrong from right)  
    Looks like my feelings been united with you baby  
    But maybe just a little bit too soon  
    I realized that hearts get broken, sweetheart  
    I couldn't stand the wound (can't stand the wound)  
    So I put mines in your hands girl  
    And it's all yours my dear  
    but you got to be gentle, cause it's fragile see  
    That means handle with care (handle with care)  
    Heh, reminisce on how I first met you  
    You remember -- backstage at my show  
    I thought that I was the star until I saw you  
    (but I did not love her) (I did not love her)  
    Escapin from the crowd to be alone witchu  
    Cause I had oh so much to say  
    As we sat down in my dressin room girl, huh  
    and just talked the entire night away  
    From that moment on I felt that I knew you  
    Just like the back of my hand (I love you, I love you)  
    Loved you like I never loved another (I loved you)  
    and dreamt of bein your man  
    *sung* How would it feel? To be your man? (2X)  
    Just think of the first time that we went out to the movies  
    when we went to see that picture  
    Iahhhhhh, I was the on the first thing smokin  
    just to fly that head to getcha (I gotta getcha)  
    And what about the time that I called you long distance  
    on my car telephone (and I was alone)  
    Now that's what I call reachin out to touch somebody  
    at a million dollar zone  
    But you see, it didn't matter sweatheart, nah baby  
    Cause I'd call Mars for you  
    Climb the highest mountain to be by your side  
    Word to MOTHER, cause my love is true (my love is true)  
    Girl, if you could just understand (try to understand)  
    All the things that I'd do  
    just for the sake of me, Kane, bein your man  
    *sung* How would it feel? To be your man? (2X)  
    Do it to em Blue Magic!  
    *sung* How would it feel? To be your man? (2X)  
    So whatchu sayin baby?  
    So whatchu sayin baby?  
    *sung* How would it feel? To be your man? (2X)  
    Can I be your man? (I'll be good to you)  
    So good to me..  
    (I'll be good to you)  
    *sung* How would it feel? To be your man? (1X)  
    C'mon girl, yeah, yeah (be so good to you

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