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    Hit me, baby (that's right)  
    Hurt me, baby (that's right)  
    That-that-that funk  
    That-that's-that's funkdafied-like fonk  
    That's that retarded-like fonk  
    Like you put your armpits in a drum machine  
    Good God  
    Break me off some of that  
    Come on  
    Easy Mo, just let the beat rock from your sweet stock  
    To bounce the complete block, make everyone on the street flock  
    To this here rhymthm, music'll hit em, get em, my lyrics'll fit em  
    When I get with em, girls I'm in em, smokin like bags of ism  
    The one that keep amazin y'all, don't even know who you're facin, pa  
    The Kane has flipped more tracks than a racing car  
    The one who created it and many others imitated it  
    I heard your rap style, kid - hated it  
    Let me show you how, look here, now check my style  
    What I spit out, it'll raise your brow, make you say wow  
    Ba-da-bow-bow, come on, now let's get down  
    And sway, sway when you hear the music play  
    Hip-hop hooray, this is what I want you to say  
    I'm in love with Big Daddy Kane  
    He makes the party swing  
    He turns the mother out  
    And rips apart things  
    Then I go...  
    Yeah, I like the way it sound  
    And I love the way it's goin down  
    You know I like the way it sound  
    And I just love the way it's goin down  
    Now, what's this b.s. you're sayin?  
    And don't try to act like Martin now with all that 'i was just playin'  
    No need to grief or mourn cause now the beef is on  
    Boom-bow-boo-bow-bow - kid, your teeth is gone  
    Just cause you rap that don't mean that you catchin wreck with me  
    You step to this, I give you mic-o-vasectomy  
    I only know one person that can come next to me  
    No, that's a tattle  
    Cause I can't count my own shadow  
    A battle? I gots to have it  
    Unless you're gonna rob me like they give Riddick a win for Chavez  
    Cause tryin to go against the Kane rappin  
    Is like a pimp tryina pull a nun - ain't nothin happenin  
    Clear the way for the one, champion, true black don  
    Gun gettin the job done take a look, hon  
    Back up, son, you know you can't get none  
    Come on, I'm on a whole other level of rap  
    And it's like that, now show me where the party at  
    Yeah, I like the way it sound  
    And I love the way it's goin down  
    You know I like the way it sound  
    And I love the way it's goin down  
    The B-I-G D-A-D-Y, no, back up and add another D  
    Come back to the K to the A to the N to the E  
    Live from New York, the one and only  
    I give it to you raw for my homies  
    And to the ladies: I take em lookin somethin fine  
    It don't mind if we bump 'n grind  
    If you're with me, jump in line  
    Because if in my wallet I can find one prophylactic  
    Then you better believe, girl, that you're gonna get your ass dicked  
    Hard type of rappers extinct like a dinosaur  
    The kind you saw rhyme before  
    But now you never find no more  
    Steppin to the Kane with some drama to be startin  
    Because I put em all on ice like Tonya Harding  
    Back up, boy, I got the whole convoy  
    Rollin with me on a mission that's to seek and destroy  
    So, to all the people that's been tryin to talk about me  
    You better change your name to 5000 cause you're Audi  
    And if you bring on your crew, I'm steppin to them too  
    Just put the beat on and watch how I swing through  
    The groove, with more style than a backstroke  
    Drivin past my competition like cab drivers do black folks  
    That's the way I move, I always stayed a Smooth  
    Operator with data watin for you to play a groove  
    To turn it out without a doubt and show what I'm about  
    Good lookin, Brooklyn, yeah, we in the house

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