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    You know, 1990 begins a new decade  
    and since I got paid and blew up like a live grenade  
    It's been a three, four year stretch  
    And I'd just like to thank all of you  
    And this goes to everybody in the entire world  
    That means the United States, overseas in the U.K.  
    Way in Brazil, Japan, Africa, and everywhere else  
    I just wanna dedicate this one to you  
    Here's another groove that I'm bringin to you kind of mellow  
    And I just want to say hello  
    or should I say peace as I start to release  
    The poetry that don't cease is never the least  
    Your feet got to shuffle as I put the muscle in the groove  
    cause I'm so smooth  
    Once you experience a whole Kane rhyme  
    I'll have you dancin in a Soul Train line  
    Pick up the pace and get a taste of B-I-G  
    D-A-double-D-Y Kane in the place  
    Doin the job how you want it done  
    with lyrics that's bright as the morning sun  
    So grab one line, rub it on your face like sunshine  
    and everything else'll combine  
    This is that particular beat  
    for all the fellows feelin mellow to pump in the Jeep  
    Uhh, also for every girlie  
    to shamiyo, shamago like Laverne and Shirley  
    Huh, now wait, now wait, now wait a minute  
    Uhh! Now check this  
    I wanna talk about peace and unity and love  
    Not one, but all of the above  
    Comin together like keys on a piano  
    Black and white to unite and oh man oh man  
    what joy did we, find  
    Hard for me to say it sometimes

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