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    Question.. what has he done, for you lately?
    Tell me.. do y'all go for walks on the beach?
    I just wanna know, if you had dinner at the pond
    Or the drive-through at mickey d's
    You say the last movie y'all saw was _jaws_?  mmm
    Well never fear baby, the big daddy is here

    I come up upon the scene to romance thee
    With a little bit of t.l.c. to tickle your fancy
    Give you protection, warmth and affection
    Make sure you never feel any rejection
    Without a doubt, I admire you, I have a desire to
    Be a more better man prior to
    Your past relationships, you've been datin
    With all the wrong gentlemen, I'm more sentimental
    In my own little way so (hey!)
    Whattaya say about givin a play okay?
    Cause I'm not here to impress you, I wanna caress you
    Posess you and bless you, nevertheless
    To make you feel secure, and real sure
    Mon cheri amore, pretty woman I adore
    Don't she'd a tear never fear my dear I'll be there
    Anywhere with some tender lovin care

    Chorus: repeat 2x

    Just a little bit of t.l.c.
    Tender lovin care you'll get from me
    Just a little bit of t.l.c.
    Tender lovin care is what you need

    In the beginning I only wanted to be your friend
    But then..
    It may sound strange, but my feelings started to change
    And now I wanna sustain..
    Somethin more closer, give you the most of my love
    And my time and respect as opposed to
    Sayin she's "just a friend"
    I may sound like biz, but you know what time it is
    I want us to be together and benevolent
    With reverance to give you the best relationship there ever been
    So consider me as as as as as a-a-as your lover
    Damn baby, you make me stutter
    But I'm still able to, clearly say to you
    Things that I feel *smooch* and kiss your navel too
    Givin much t.l.c.
    As I make love to you constantly


    May i?
    He ever treat you with the
    Proper amount of chivalry, would be so, mmmm

    * just the drums for a bit *


    * bassline comes for a bit *

    * music by itself comes in, then.. *

    I hope to form a special thing that we can cherish
    Everlasting, it won't perish
    Establish a special thing that's based on love
    And trust, in other words, it's all about us
    You won't have to ever search for tender lovin care
    Cause for you I got it right here
    You'll never find none greater
    Sincerely yours,
    The smooth operator


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