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    There's no myth or fable about the pimpin' at your label  
    What goes on under the table, why you think your deal is so unstable?  
    Now, whose the macaroni, A&R's acting phony  
    Once you make the matrimony, then he start to slackin' don't he  
    Or could it be the president that's being hesitant  
    Playin' his artist like a corner workin' specimen  
    And I ain't kidding you when I say it's political  
    The way they make a ridicule of artists can be pitiful  
    You know damn well there shouldn't be no company CO  
    Trying to show me about rap that's 53 or so  
    But yet and still they want to add advice, trying to keep their status right  
    When they should be working records for Gladys Knight  
    Who shape artists, man they catching rape charges  
    Once you sign on the dotted line, they lead you in the blind  
    Then you find, your state of revenue remains the same  
    Cause you getting less points than Steve Kerr be getting in a game  
    And just because it be too hardcore to judge it  
    They won't even touch it, and get to frontin' on the budget  
    When new artists come out, I can foresee the worst outcome  
    Cause everybody I know got beat their first album  
    So I took my contract to a lawyer so he can check it out (He don't know)  
    Then I took it to Dionne Warwick so she can read my hand (She don't know)  
    It's a shame, when artists gotta deal with cheats  
    They got game, for every young rapper they see out on the streets  
    You sign your name, they get like Big Red on the Five Heartbeats  
    Now who the blame, when you starvin' and your record label eats  
    Verse 2  
    Preach brother  
    They say the truth will set you free, but I see signs of treachery  
    Go on perpetually, here's how they get you G  
    They use the tricks, just to juice your mix  
    But cross be in their heart like a vampire stabbed with a crucifix  
    I had the enemy in my vicinity with the false identity  
    Of a friend to me to injure me  
    They ride along just to guide you wrong  
    Play like they beside you strong, and start to faking moves like Olajuwon  
    Who side you on, revealing all that low down dirty dealing  
    I can see your skin peeling it changed like a chameleon  
    First you believe in them, but once you disagree with them  
    They try to get Magilla repertoire and that ain't even them  
    And all those who has betrayed, be fast to fade  
    Cause they cast a shade, with the masquerade  
    What's dealt, is low blows below the belt  
    Lord have mercy, I know how Julius Caesar must have felt  
    I start to think back when I was just a youth  
    I should have listened to the words of the God Born Truth  
    He said, "look out for black snakes they all up in your cypher  
    Black snakes you can't see therefore they sneak up and they bite ya'"  
    They get to flippin' cause they think you slippin'  
    So remember, don't get to slippin' cause they get to flippin'  
    And trippin', what's that you grippin', beside your hippin'  
    You think my heart is skippin', go save that game for Scottie Pippen  
    It's a shame, to see how far left people be going  
    They got game, to think that all this time you said you know them  
    It ain't the same, Aah, so now you see the way they flowin'  
    Now who they blame, ain't nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing  
    Verse 3  
    Now, wait a minute, I'm starting to see lotsa, hip-hop imposters  
    Is rap a category at the Oscars?  
    Too much Nino Brown up in your life  
    Cause since then, man I done seen Wesley Snipes playin' a drag queen  
    But yet and still you want to mimic the stars of cinema  
    Pretending huh? So full of it they need an enema  
    Cause see dig, they all like to talk big  
    But then they want to renege, when there's a curling iron in their wig  
    You talking loud and saying nothing, what's the world becoming?  
    The frontin', now pay attention you may learn something  
    Now, I ain't knocking you, but come on let's be logical  
    You know that it's impossible to stop the unstoppable  
    I would suggest that they, go back and check my resume  
    Cause tunes that I made yesterday, can hang out with the best today  
    Peace to Easy Mo, cause he makes the beats to flow  
    And I grab the microphone and flip it like pizza dough  
    Now who the blame  
    I need to be the Mayor, so I can change the things around here  
    I need to be the Governor, I need to be the Governor

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