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    female reporter]  
    The definition of sex varies with many people  
    In search of a few ways to define it  
    we asked actor/comedian Mr. Dolemite his definition of sex  
    And his response was..  
    Baby, sex is just like puttin money in the bank  
    Once you take it out, the interest is all gone  
    [female reporter]  
    Then we asked rap star Big Daddy Kane his definition of sex  
    And well *clears throat* according to the Prince of Darkness..  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    Here comes Kane the mack, the sex maniac  
    Bring on the honies and you can't restrain me back from ff..  
    .. nah I better not say the whole word  
    So uhh, let's just say what make Whoopi like Goldberg  
    Cause I wanna make you sweat, get you wet  
    Perform a miracle in this love duet, see baby  
    I play the game like Keno, plus I know the  
    +Scent of a Woman+ better than Al Pacino  
    And when it comes to girls, I show no mercy  
    They lick me on the chest and say, 'To hell with Hershey'  
    Now it's time for me to lick that body  
    and this is no +Ordinary Love+, ask Sade  
    Baby you're bound to perspire, when I use  
    the nipples on your breasts just like a pacifier  
    Honey please, keep your body at ease  
    And let me see what I can do with those 34 C's  
    I plan to lick your bellybutton my dear  
    and let my tongue walk five steps downstairs  
    The way that I plan to put this chocolate syrup to use  
    I'm gonna wake up in the mornin with a hairy sweettooth  
    And now you're under my spell like a magician  
    Abra-cadabra, good sex and I have ya  
    laid out, waitin for a big treat  
    I'm not the Ku Klux Klan but I stay under sheets  
    And when it comes to sex, yo I'm the illest  
    Plus I know more +Diff'rent Strokes+ than Arnold and Willis  
    I make you feel the reel to reel you feel  
    when I break the headboard down like Shaquille  
    Then bend over doggy style and just watch me  
    ride yo' black ass like I was still filmin +Posse+  
    Then I'm the one that gets the job done  
    My mattress have more bodies than Al Capone's, gun  
    When I get through givin you mine, uhh  
    Girls be callin me back like *69  
    So come on over here hottie, let me just  
    'work that body, work that body'  
    Uh-huh, uh-huh..  
    Straight like that..  
    How many real niggaz out there like to have sex  
    C'mon, just ?  
    I said how many real niggaz out there like to have sex  
    C'mon, just ?  
    and say SEX (SEX!)  
    Say I LIKE IT (I LIKE IT)  
    And say I LOVE IT (I LOVE IT)  
    Say I NEED IT (I NEED IT)  
    Well keep it on baby baby, keep it on and ah  
    Ah keep it on baby baby, keep it on and ah uh  
    Keep it on baby baby, keep it on and ah  
    Keep it on baby baby, keep it on

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