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    Give it here... uhh  
    Mic testing one two  
    Right about now I wanna have a little fun with this  
    and just talk a little bit of junk ya know  
    Be-because it's OK, ya know, it's OK to brag and boast  
    from time to time, ain't nothin wrong with that  
    So I'm gonna have a little fun with it  
    Check the Prince of Darkness y'all, here we go  
    Verse One:  
    Four times for your mind the poetically inclined  
    genuine and divine can still climb  
    When you thought that I wouldn't go to left  
    But I cup a cameo and I still got strength  
    So make room cause I'm sweepin up like a broom  
    Cause I'm the straight up wholly original yeah that's right mmm hmm  
    To be blunt and lay my cards on the table  
    You'll be Gone With the Wind for messin with Dark Gable  
    In comes the era of the chocolate types  
    Like your Bobby Brown, Aaron Hall and Wesley Snipes  
    Including myself in the cipher the Big Daddy Kane is a part of it  
    AKA, your prince of darkness  
    Verse Two:  
    When it comes to the girls they know the program  
    Cause when I get through it's pure Silence of the Lambs  
    So ladies grab a hand and join the caravan  
    That's bein ran by the hoochie cooche man  
    Then don't miss a breath of my kiss of death  
    An A plus in lusty while your boyfriend is a F  
    I come tellin you Tales From the Darkside  
    And seperate the men from their women like Apartheid  
    You say am I a, vam-pire  
    That will react to ya just like Blackula  
    But when I say Prince of Darkness I don't mean a blood sucker  
    I'm talkin about a black lover  
    So mysterious and serious the women are curious  
    so when I walk inside of a place it's like "Ooh, there he is!"  
    But slow down, there's enough of me to go 'round  
    Huh, I'm givin girls more Temptations than Motown  
    And tonight's the night for me to get right  
    and give girls the feeling of love at first bite  
    So here's a lesson of what the don art is  
    Taught by the big you know, Prince of Darkness  
    Verse Three:  
    Stop, hold up, pause, quit  
    Change the groove and funk it up a little bit  
    Now back to the subject of how the  
    Kane became the bigger modern day mama wild deep  
    Now the question is do I really carry it  
    Huh, well baby I swing low like sweet chariot  
    Still a few of them thought that I was lame  
    And then the big brown shah came!  
    So let me send a dark shadow right through ya  
    to prepare you for all of the kniky things I'm gonna do to ya  
    And yes my dear if you got the goods  
    Then you might jsut see my face up in your neck of the woods  
    Ahh word life y'all, a word life y'all  
    That's how I, shoot off arms just like a rifle  
    So just, pass the mic and let it spark this  
    So that you can say it's been blessed by the Prince of Darkness

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