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    Big Daddy Kane]  
    Huh, huh, huh  
    Mister Cee, are you wit me, uhh  
    Mister Cee, are you wit me, DIG IT  
    Gangster or prankster, define yourself, huh  
    And put that rough talk on the shelf  
    You talk all that robbery shit, but it's lame  
    You wouldn't steal first base at a baseball game  
    Never sold drugs, you never was a thug  
    But you're talking ying-yang like as if you're in a gang  
    I mean for goodness sake  
    The only beef you ever had was a sirloin steak  
    You wanna question me and all the words I say  
    Well, you can bring the noise any fuckin day  
    I rock a rugged-a-ruff rhyme to besiege ya  
    And if I see you at a party, put up your dickbeaters  
    By time I get through wreckin your jaw  
    You be callin Patti LaBelle and Barry White hardcore  
    Why should I give up for gangster contrast  
    When I can rap about gettin some ass  
    To prove that I'm a gangster only brings me trouble  
    But the proof that I'm a lover * sound of a zipper *  
    It's that easy but still you insist (yeah)  
    That I do this (what

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