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    featuring Nice & Smooth, Scoob  
    Anything goes when it comes to hoes, they go:  
    Pimpin' ain't easy (Pimpin' ain't eeeeeee-zyyyyyy) 6x  
    [Greg Nice]  
    One-two-three-four, to five-six-seven  
    eight, nine-ten, then ya got eleven  
    Twelve, thirteen, start your age;  
    fourteen-fifteen-sixteen, the pubic stage  
    Like an apple, like a cherry, like a peach, like a plum  
    better get off the virgin before I cuuuuum!  
    Pick up my pants and thump and thump  
    I think I'll call up Tootie, she'll give me some  
    Watch out, watch out I'm drippin' live scum  
    I say damn, I love the way I make my posse roll-a  
    'Specially if the hoochie's on birht control-a  
    Lift her up just like a pick up truck  
    then I sat her down and we started to fuck  
    Made whoopie, made whoopie, made whoopie, YO-O-O-O-O!  
    I hope this time I don't make a cookie  
    Brothers everywhere be callin' me a rookie  
    Two from the Greg Nice from the o-o-old schoooooool  
    but bullshit, I ain't no fool, cuz  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    Well, I say...Extra! Extra!  
    Here is a bachelor comin' straight at ya  
    I see trim and bag it, take it home and rag it  
    the Big Daddy law is anti-faggot  
    That means no homosexuality;  
    what's in my pants'll make you see reality  
    And if you wanna see a smooth black Casanova -- BEND OVAH!  
    Cuz I don't half-step when it comes to broads  
    The K-A-N-E 'll go the whole nine yards  
    There's no time for coversation my dear  
    [MOAN!] is all I wanna hear  
    So let's make a move, as I get smooth  
    cuz the purpose I serve is to soothe  
    I'm tall, dark and handsome and all that junk  
    Even white girls be sayin' "Ooh, Kane's a hunk!"  
    Even Puerto Rican girls be callin' me papi  
    Some try to copy, but they look sloppy  
    So imitators who wanna step to a  
    brother like me, lick my manure!  
    [Smooth B]  
    I'm just goin' and I'm flowin' like a gigolo  
    and when I used to be with Scott, I was a Super-Hoe  
    But now I'm coolin' with Kane and Greg N-I-C-E  
    and if the girlies want my tip they gotta pay a fee  
    I love bonin', and all my friends they will agree  
    that when it comes to pimpin' ain't easy  
    First name: Smooth. Last name: B  
    WHen I'm bonin' a girl, I make her feel heavenly  
    I like to make 'em wait, and then make 'em beg  
    and when I take off my clothes, the I form a third leg  
    They rub it with oils and suck it with ice  
    Now I'm mind is in paradise...  
    [Scoob Lover]  
    Tip-tip-toein', Scoob Lover's out hoein'  
    Braggin' to the fellas how my flattop was growin'  
    buyin' drinks for the ladies, money I was blowin'  
    right in front of me...mmm...not even knowin'  
    A brown-skinned cutie; big, plump booty  
    Nametag earrings readin' off "Tootie"  
    Bullseye, bing, the girl of my dreams;  
    from my eyesight that was what it seemed  
    I said, uh, "Come a little bit closer"  
    To Scoob that night, choice guy, she said "Hi  
    Hi...hi, I've really been wantin' to meet you  
    I just got paid and I'll be very glad to treat you  
    How 'bout dinner, a Salisbury steak?"  
    I said, "Sorry Honey-Dip, but I already ate"  
    So I nudged the other girlies off my shoulder  
    went for Tootie cuz the girl was much older  
    East to the Benz, I slowly walked;  
    clearing out my throat so I cold start my smooth talk  
    Sex in my mind, I was sure of it...  
    I wanted to tax that ass like the government!  
    [Ant Live]  
    Well, it's Friday night, ain't a damn thing funny --  
    Bitch better have my money

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