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    Things been said, plenty rumors been spread
    Many many many new jacks got it in they head
    that they can raise up on this and put the Kane in fright
    Heheh.. yeah right!
    Listen, you're just as soft as baby powder
    Don't let your mouth get you in somethin
    your rhymes can't get you out of
    Some good advice is don't even come out my way
    You better press up on Chucky if you're lookin for Child's Play
    Cause I'm a grown ass man in total command
    One of the best to ever be and
    no other can ever take a stand
    When I kick a verse the scene becomes so scary
    that niggaz get quiet like a library
    I pick up the mic like a hunter in hot pursuit
    Oh you want some of this? Then put that mic on mute
    Because you'll be in more danger than Penelope Pitstop
    Point blank, you get your shit dropped
    I got a death blow whenever I throw
    With double impact to take out the whole row
    Huh, I start swingin again and again
    You'll hear so many "ooh ahhs" you'll think it was Boyz II Men
    I break down, shake down, proceed down, beat down
    back down, smack down, rip down, get down
    showdown, throwdown, rundown, come down! *DJ rewinds*
    Here's a little message for your own concern
    You try to press up on this and get burned
    A battle with a non-believe is what I yearn
    Damn, niggaz never learn
    "Niggaz!" - Eazy-E
    "This is for your own concern.."
    You Must Learn" - KRS-One *repeat all 3X*
    If you ever see a jam playin you can bet that damn Kane
    will make it sparkle and bubble like champagne
    Dom Perignon I'm the Don of the set
    and I'll bet, that the girls, will agree
    That the B, the-I-G, D-A-double-D-Y Superfly feel
    like Ron O'Neal, gets ill, I got it goin on
    Word is bond, I'm more Dangerous
    than Michael Jackson - hah, sha-mon!
    So, I don't attract with the wick-wick-wack
    So take a step back, you new new, new jack
    Cause young boy, all of your rhymes are pre-natal
    Mines are fatal, cause I got The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
    So stay in your crib pen, before you get did in
    uhh, I mean done in, you gets none and
    the last rapper to press up on me wrong was..
    .. ummmm.. damn it's been that long!
    So competin is not a smart decision
    Cause I start to dissin, then start dismissin
    You're tryin to battle with me well god damn scram
    The style that you're usin is as old as a Trans-Am
    Update yourself just like an 850
    Shift see, oh what's the use you still can't with me
    Many MC's tried their best to press up
    But I guess, their best, wasn't goooooood enough!
    I'm not Robert Townsend but every time I speak
    I'll leave a rapper's chest beatin like he had Five Heartbeats
    Knockin out comp like Rocky Balboa
    And I make more noise than a lawnmower
    For my stacks I worked hard to earn (* Kane starts rapping real fast *)
    Bein the bigger the better the badder the boss
    The brother to break em when bringin the bomb
    to blow up the Boogie Down... * INHALES, DEEP SIGH *
    Damn niggaz never learn

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