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    <who is the man with the master plan? (x2)
    Dj mister cee
    Who is the man with the master plan?
    He goes by the name of the big daddy kane
    Then it goes a little something like this...>

    Yes, here we go, on with the show
    As the rhythm of this starts to flow
    No matter the tempo, fast or slow
    Get up and dance cause the kane said so
    This is the dance floor groove of the album
    Presented to you all live from calvin
    Whoops!  i meant to say mister cee
    The disc jockey down with me, the
    Microphone lord, my wisdom is a sword
    Try to get with us, and get floored
    Some dj's try to front, but yo don't let them fool you
    Cause wine is fine, but calvin is cooler
    Jump up and down, and eh, and all around and
    Check out the way that my dj is sounding
    On the turntables to keep the crowd stable
    Killing the cuts putting bodies on a record label
    And just for the symphony
    Here comes the m.i.s.t.e.r.c.e.e.
    Taking a stand like a band
    Mister cee got a master plan
    Hit it!

    <who is the man with the master plan?
    Dj mister cee...on the mix> (x4)

    <kane speaking as cee cuts it up:
    Whooo!  yeah, warm it up, cee...uh!
    C'mon now, make it happen, make it happen
    Go hit me one more time, c'mon cee warm it up
    Yeaaahh... that sounds funky!
    I, i mean like extra crazy stooopid def!
    Hit some of them transformers hops
    Again, again, again
    Uh!  uh!    uh!
    Now, yo, tell yourself a song>

    <getting ready to, (various samples), oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (x12)
    (samples, in order):  play it, let go, feel it, come out, clap to this,
    Move your body, get fresh, go go go, i'll do it, do it again, hit me,

    <big daddy kane in the house!
    Big daddy (x2)  biz:  huh, huh! (x2)
    My man, my mellow>

    <who is the man with the master plan?
    Dj mister cee...on the mix> (x4)

    <oh mister cee, oh mister cee....>

    <kane:  now, just to let you know
    I go by the name of big daddy kane
    I got my dj mister cee in the place to be
    Also the engineer all-star marley marl
    Now yo, cut, won't you do me a favor
    And tell these party people where you from>

    <lg, lg, lg...rock on, rock on....>

    <kane:  now, since we on the tip of our neighborhood,
    Won't you tell them where i'm from?>

    <lewis...avenue!    lewis...avenue!...>

    <kane:  okay, now i got a brother by the name of mad money merc
    Now he come from na rock
    I got two dancers, scoob lover, scrap lover
    They come from the place known as brownsville
    My barber name is smooth, he come from whitecourt
    Also, we got the engineer all-star marley marl in the place to be
    And he come from the area known as the bridge
    Now yo...>

    <mister cee interrupts:    yo, hold up kane!
    You done said all your names on your record
    It's time to say names on my record now
    Yo, i want to say what's up to my man atl
    My man shack money
    My man shep love and the entire lg posse
    I wanna say what's up to my man moose love
    My man nut, sambo, heado, the tcf dancers
    Yo, i want to say what's up to dawn
    I want to say what's up to nicola
    My man rhythm shawn, shimsho, yam love,
    Spike d, willie d, na rock, chicago, yo!
    Yo!  i can't hold it back!  <it's over, it's over>
    Later for it, yo!  <shut the fuck up!>
    What's up?!
    To the whole....(cracks up)
    Nigga dissed me!

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