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    "this is a world premier and I'm here.."
    -> _it's hard being the kane_

    [big daddy kane]
    Nobody move, nobody get hurt
    And I won't have to do no-body work
    The minute I come on stage and take position
    A demolition, where rappers catch a bad decision, huh
    I start to swingin it, puttin my bad thing in it
    Soon as I start flingin it, girls'll start clingin it
    People'll start singin it, noise oh I'm bringin it
    To show and to prove to the people
    The man that really is the king in it
    Cause I take the cake like hostess
    No, not the one you wanna play high post with
    Warm it up kane, warm as a snorkel
    Snatch the microphone and do a nigga somethin awful
    I give him the rhythm-a-jazz pizazz finesse and yet
    The flavor to jam and slam the land
    I flip the script like nobody can
    It's like they lack the crowd to get live
    And raw from all the brothers who smothered the mic
    They're frank with force, cause you know, kane comes off
    See me and the mic go together like neighbors
    And if that's too fast, here's a slower flavor
    You see.. i.. am.. the.. man.. to.. stand.. top.. brand..
    No.. band.. at.. hand.. and.. yes I can can, yes I can can
    Rip the microphone to shreds
    Buck buck, rough and tuff, and a little bit raggamuffin
    For havin a rapper that try to battle will stress me
    You shouldn't address me cause you can't impress me
    So don't test me, boy, I say you better move over
    Yeah, yeah, huh
    Many people tried to say I fell off
    He went r&b, now his rap is all soft
    But if you say that on stage, I'll prove you wrong
    And wax that ass, rappin off a love song
    Cause with the street in all battles I'm still hard
    Like a mallet, servin competition like salad
    I'm gonna give you some damn good advice g
    Break out, before there be some sugar honey iced tea
    Cause now you're comin in the danger zone
    There no man, can withstand, or hold his own
    I burn a rapper so bad that it bruise
    Even if you put a condom on the mic that I use
    That won't protect ya, I still can effect ya
    Cause I flip the script, like a movie director
    I'm makin the non-believers believe what I'm dishin up
    And people that's still fans, will be air conditioners
    Why golly gee, I'm the hypest
    The power to maintain, and sustain, cause I'm righteous
    In other words, by knowledge and degrees
    You gotta say God bless, and I don't mean when I sneeze
    A black man, you know I got, soul
    For rockin the track and sparkin the mic that I hold
    Not just been flowin for the fellas so for the ladies
    I didn't forget you.. mm-wah *kiss sound*
    A lot of rappers today, know how to flow
    Also, a lot of amateurs turned pro
    But if I ask for the mic at your show
    Aiyyo, I think you better let it go!
    Cause I go in a rage on stage
    The rap it never stops til I get my props
    And if you don't know my style, well look here my friend
    You saw _faces of death_?  hehe yeah yeah aight then
    I'm tryin to tell my competition the scoop
    That I'm breakin down, any soloist or group
    And even though, some of them try to play souped
    When I come on stage, they spread they wings like troop
    And fly away, cause I don't play
    I slay, okay, okay?
    The king of combat, my competition scat
    Pockets stay fat, oh hells yeah, I'm alllll that
    The one they like to follow, bite and borrow
    Lock into my style, just like a rottweiler
    So you wanna know the meanin of hardcore?
    Looks like a job for..

    * cut n scratch "big daddy" *

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