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    Give it to me  
    Get on the dancefloor  
    Start to clap your hands for  
    The smooth operator, what more can your ask for  
    The musical maestro  
    That's usin the mic so  
    I can spark up the entire place like nitro-  
    Glycerine because the crowd is sizzlin  
    Bobbin they heads to what's said and still listenin  
    I specialize in fun  
    And I must know what's happenin cos you're dancin like re-run  
    So behold the natural born soul, a rhythm  
    To get em and hit em as I party with em  
    My job is to make you all feel this  
    But i'm not don cornelius  
    I'm just a new black cesar here to please ya, ease ya  
    Movin and groovin, provin, soothin at your leisure  
    I don't sing or yell  
    But my rhymes reach out and touch more people than Ma Bell  
    The brain of the Kane's so intelligent  
    You think dancin is irrelevant  
    And start stompin like a elephant  
    But that's not necessary, just let the beat carry  
    You into somethin funkadelic  
    That might best describe  
    The musical vibe you feel when I arrive  
    From the moment I walk through the door  
    I gotta keep em on the floor  
    Get up and dance and move your body across the floor  
    Go on and do your thing until you're feelin sore  
    (I can't dance no more)  
    Get on up and dance  
    (Let's dance)  
    Get on up and dance  
    (Give it here)  
    Get on up and dance  
    You came in the disco  
    Thinkin it would be just low  
    But i'ma make sure you enjoy this show  
    You won't have a chance to sit down  
    (Get down)  
    And listen to rhymes that go the mile like a marathon  
    A voice that's choice, as strong as sarah vaugh  
    Swift delivery flowin like a river be  
    Flowin, but only ladies know my tongue is that slippery  
    I grab the mic and then we'll see  
    Who can d-a-n-c-e  
    Makin the crowd roar for more of what they saw  
    And I'm sure that I can keep em on the floor  
    Feel like i'm down here by myself sometimes  
    I'm ready to break this groove down  
    You're ready  
    So I'ma let the music just stop  
    And we gon' get into our own thing for a minute here  
    You're ready  
    Break it down  
    Keep on dancin  
    (Keep on dancin)  
    Bring in paramedics to relieve the  
    Trace of this bad case of dance fever  
    Cos I can feel the disco heat gettin to me  
    While the sweat got my silk drawers stickin to me  
    But I can't stop, I gotta party  
    Like a gun on the dancefloor and catch a body  
    I might move real smooth  
    Then again dance real silly  
    Just like a hillbilly  
    As i make sure the beat is kept  
    So all the party people stay in step  
    Become a slave to the rhythm  
    Grab someone of the opposite sex and dance with em  
    Put your partner on the floor and face em  
    That shows a positive sign of unification  
    And if all party goers could make this move  
    We'd be one nation under a groove  
    So let's try this, stop the violence  
    That can only result in peace from what I sense  
    To be straight to the point  
    A little love and harmony - mh (it's the joint)  
    So build a nation, pump the bass and  
    The treble beyond the level of imagination  
    So the Big Daddy Kane can endure  
    And the name of this tune is Keep Em on the Floor  
    (Everybody get up

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