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    Ahh yeah  
    We gon' pump this up one time  
    As we set it off a little like this, kick it!  
    Pump it up now (it's a Big Daddy thing)  
    As we send this out to New York City  
    Can't forget the posse down in Philly  
    Also in Detroit (it's a Big Daddy thing)  
    Chicago, Atlanta GA  
    Sendin this out to Miami (it's a Big Daddy thing)  
    Tampa, can't forget Virginia and North Carolina  
    L.A. and Oakland (it's a Big Daddy thing)  
    And the rest of the world as we go a little somethin like this  
    (it's a Big Daddy thing)  
    Let it rain let it rain to be put it pain  
    with nothin to gain under the wrath of Kane  
    Cause you can't maintain, I drained every brain  
    to leave a stain plain to remain in my lane  
    or path or road, until the next one be sewed  
    That the B-I-G, D-A-double-D-Y explode  
    Just like a bomb in Vietnam, so hit the alarm  
    or be funky like a underarm  
    And allow, me to show how, the microphone should flow  
    Now, competition bow, to me like a Buddha  
    The teacher, the tutor  
    They come a dime a dozen but the Kane look cuter  
    And I ain't about that slouchin or crabbin  
    so save it -- cause that's one thing I ain't havin  
    Because the purpose I serve is to please ya  
    Rhymes will ease ya, like Milk of Magnesia  
    So bust a pimp without a limp  
    And I crush any wimp that would try to attempt to umm  
    get loose I put a boost and used to chill  
    the comp to Kane, I picked Beetlejuice  
    "Big Daddy thing" (2X)  
    I'm just that ruthless, to leave ya toothless  
    Cause you're useless, makin up excuses excuses  
    So never touch tap tangle or tamper  
    A fearless fly foe'll get slapped with a Pamper  
    Cause I can dig in your face like root canal  
    But I'ma chill, won't even dispute you now  
    Actin wild just ain't my style  
    Cause only the live will be movin the crowd but see  
    quiet as kept, not like a starter you  
    but I can roast an MC like a barbecue  
    In the Dead Zone, you shouldn't have left home  
    Steppin to the man, now get the head flown  
    I bring the terror, horror, there's no tomorrow  
    Child you shouldn't even bother  
    to press up, and get broken like a Lee nail  
    So let me school ya plus scoop your female  
    Just like a jiggalo but I'm much bigger though  
    I'm like a hitman, pullin the trigger slow  
    and smooth to the groove with lyrics that sooth  
    and improve with every move, that's why you've  
    been enhanced by the mentally divine  
    So play football, and let's go the nine  
    Shorts I take none, cause I ain't the one  
    In eighty-nine there's damage bein done  
    And for you to diss me, will be very risky  
    Cause I make this be, as strong as whiskey  
    To break and make my foes dispose in force  
    So y'all can see how me the Kane will just reign  
    superior, cause I ain't even hearin ya  
    Save the yang, cause it's a Big Daddy thang  
    "Big Daddy thing" (4X, then cut and scratched to end)  
    And this one here goes out to my man Mad Money Murph  
    Can't forget Big Sha, Big Therm  
    And also I got to say whassup to my man Horace  
    Got Nice and Smooth in the place to be  
    Mack Daddy Nick, know what I'm sayin?  
    Can't forget my man Ant Live  
    And of course the one and only Prince Paul, peace

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