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    Kane] Aiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo!  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    [Kane] Check it out, check  
    Aiyyo, we gonna send out to all the projects out there  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    [Kane] Yknahmsayin? Like Roosevelt Projects, Marcy Projects  
    We gon' send it to Fort Greene, L.G.  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    [Kane] Better yet, all the projects in Brook', no  
    all the projects on the East Coast  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    [Kane] Now when we come to Church Street South  
    Yknahmsayin? Canal Street there in Durham, North Carolina  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    [Kane] Streets of Crooklyn, and all the great streets  
    Everyone everywhere! Sounds like everywhere around the universe  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    [Kane] Yknahmsayin? All the projects, yknahmsayin?  
    We sendin this out to everybody, this one here  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    [Kane] Now do you understand me?  
    We gonna set it off one time, dig the flavor y'all  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    [Kane] Ha hah hah!  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    Livin in the world of ghetto life  
    Shot with the gun, get you cut with the knife  
    That's the story yo, the way the peeps like to move  
    No fakin the funk, it's all about how to show and prove  
    Some get to make it through life livin legal  
    The others gotta try to survive, doin the evil  
    that men do, peace to every hood that I been through  
    I even got love for my homies in South Central  
    But to the East my brother, cause that's where I stay at  
    Runnin through the streets like a stray cat  
    Like that Good Times show it makes me go  
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  
    Up in the projects, it gets no ILLER  
    With true gue-RILLAS, and stone cold KILLERS  
    It seems that every night, you get to hear the fireworks  
    As much as I hate, to see my people die or hurt  
    it's just a street mentality, a reality  
    Neighborhood warfare, that brings home casualties  
    And just because I moved out the residence  
    It don't mean that I can't represent  
    Chorus: Kane + "Yeah! Yeah!" -> chanted in back throughout  
    So to my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    Let me know you're out there  
    To my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    Let me know you're out there  
    And to my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    And let me know you're out there  
    Ah to my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air  
    [Rick] "For all of y'all.."  
    And let me know you're out there  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    I'm runnin mob deep around the way  
    It's me and the crew, we're tryin to map out the day  
    Yo what's the haps on how we gettin snaps?  
    Are we gonna shoot some cee-lo, or play a game of craps?  
    Matter fact, Shane, ring the intercom  
    And see if you can get ten dollars from my moms  
    Tell her to throw it out the window if she got it to spare  
    Cause the elevator's broke, and I ain't checkin for the stairs  
    And do me a solid, run to the store shorty  
    And pick me up some Olde E, but not a 40  
    Just a two-two of brew will do, so I can knock it out fast  
    to make the coldness last  
    And while you at man see where'd your friend go (word)  
    He shoulda been back a HOUR ago with the indo (yeah)  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    And meet us in the back park to get sparked  
    So I can be toasted by time it gets dark  
    Aiyyo Jay, I see that bulge in the back of your jeans  
    Hope that's the God U Now, know what I mean?  
    Cause if somebody brings the noise, I'ma make it a silent movie  
    So take the safety off the toolie  
    Cause I don't want no beef, NAHHHHH BABY  
    The only thing I wanna do is PARRRRRRLAY  
    Peace and harmony is what I relate to  
    But damn man, drama's just in the nature  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    I send this out to the homies in the hood  
    That stood by my side, to help a brother do good  
    Just like SWV you was Right Here  
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we in there  
    From all thugs that flex with all the muscle  
    down to the brothers, that got a swift hustle  
    Like good golly Miss Three Card Molly, a neat trick  
    where people get beat quick  
    Wanna see a sweet vic?  
    [card shark]  
    Jackety Jack, blackety black  
    You get nuttin back, and that's a fact  
    The sweetest game I ever seen  
    All you gotta do is find the red queen  
    Just point to it, can anybody point to it?  
    I play by the point of the finger of the hand  
    "The one in the middle! The one in the middle!"  
    That's black, you get no money back!  
    (Kane: Aww man! See, I told you

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