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    Staple Singers: oh! Big Daddy!>  
    Hear ye, hear ye, from far and near  
    The one they call the Big Daddy Kane is here  
    To deliver a message to everyone everywhere  
    So listen up party people cause this you should hear  
    It's a story of a far-away atmosphere  
    That you will find very rare and far beyond compare  
    All is sincere and rather debonair  
    So let's all gather around, because...  
    Off to a place you thought was unreal  
    Where people of the world do know how to chill  
    Everything remains cool and calm where you are  
    And if you ask about crime, they all'll say,  
    They wouldn't even know what you mean  
    Cause it's a different program, y'all know the routine  
    Where people work hard for a decent buck  
    And you can wear truck jewelry without being stuck  
    Never wondering whether your house is all right  
    So go leave your VCR on the porch overnight  
    And as for the people they all stand proud  
    Senior citizens party with the hip-hop crowd  
    You can hang at a jam till the break of dawn  
    And leave without your Bally shoes getting stepped on  
    Everyone walks around in their right mind and all  
    Because crack ain't nothing but a hole in the wall  
    So those who wish to live with glare and flair  
    There's a place that this can be done, and yo...  
    What I discovered may just only seem  
    As something that you find in your wildest dream  
    But! on the real tip, you will see  
    I'm not playing, what I'm saying is reality  
    There is a place people live with joy  
    That the next man cannot come along and destroy  
    No one faces problems, no one says sorry  
    And war ain't nothing but a game on Atari  
    This message also applies to other nations  
    Like Africa for instance, where there's starvation  
    But if you come with me, you're sure to see  
    Ethiopians can eat in Red Lobster for free  
    And people that you saw before that were poor  
    Will never ever see the situation no more  
    Cause in this world everyone's a millionaire  
    Are you sick?  
    And what the hell is welfare?  
    Fashions are smashing for all to flaunt  
    And we can get anything that we want  
    So don't think you can't afford expensive design  
    Because fresh Gucci wear is only $5.99  
    So come ye all and attend this affair  
    As we journey to the promised land, and...  
    Since I'm the type of guy that laughs and jokes  
    This may sound funny, but seriously folks  
    It's a shame that people today must live  
    In a world that's operating oh so negative  
    But I found a place designed especially for you  
    Where peace and harmony is everyone's culture  
    So let's all gather around before this world corrupts  
    And we don't even need Scotty to beam us up  

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