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    Heal yourself you got to heal yourself

    (kid capri talks)

    (big daddy kane)
    Mama said don't do crack and smoke you know
    'cause it will make your nose grow like pinnochio
    Since i was only 15 i had to listen
    To what was said for my parent was a christian
    I went to school and saw all my friends do it
    But i said no 'cause i don't want my nose to grow
    They started tripping on me, busting and flipping on me
    So i had to front and say yo, true, stick it on me
    I started smoking to prove i'm an adult
    Now it's a habt but is it all my fault
    I wished my mother would have told me the truth
    'cause now i'm all based out, ma dukes

    (kid capri)
    Oh man i like the way that's going down
    Now why won't you do is kick a little freddie foxx

    (freddie foxxx)
    Everybody rise as i present to a jet black crowd
    What it's like to be black and proud
    In a world where white is right but not tonight
    This is a black man's might
    I heard a sister say she don't like darker shades of black
    On a man 'cause that's wack
    But to my light skin sister can't you tell
    You're just the surface of a dark deep well
    And how can you prefer to be wit those
    That sprayed you wit gun and hoses
    And never put roses on the graves
    Of the slaves that they treated like dirt
    After all that hard work

    (kid capri)
    Clap your hands to the beat, c'mon, just clap your hands to the beat
    Freak it now

    (ll cool j)
    One of the biggest lies you hear from no one else
    Is when a girl tries to say she don't do it to herself
    Always fantasizing but steadily denying
    Last night she had to stop 'cause her baby was crying
    She do it on the phone all alone wit a smile
    Run the water, grab the shower cap and get buckwhyled
    Soap suds on the floor, oh al b sure
    Give it to me, give it to me, give me a little more
    I'm fiending, creaming, screaming, dreaming (what else)
    The girl's possess by the basehead demon


    (mc lyte)
    In elementary, lyte had the jordache look
    Like me and any other kid who cared about books
    But then i got wise and i begin to listen
    To the wack teachers and the wick-wack system
    My mother put me in ?
    Which means black school in swahili
    And there is where i learned black history
    And how to be the best that i can be
    I went back and now the school is closed
    There is nowhere for black youth to go
    To be taught by brothers and sisters who knows what it means
    To be a black child or a white teen
    In the end the youth is being mistreated
    Which means the world is being cheated

    (queen latifah)
    Dane was never taught her life was worth something
    But when people don't try to improve it makes me want to hurt something
    You want to be somebody and be a standout
    But got your handout, oh you're broke, i guess it's off to your man's house
    Why is sister's giving up the ball
    Today it seems not to father you too hard
    They call us squeezers and you prove it to the worst
    You have to earn the right to say it's ladies first

    (kid capri)
    Oh man this is human education against lies
    You better know the flavor kid

    Human education against lies tries
    To open the eyes of humanity before it dies
    Black and white ain't the real fight
    That's the only thing the media hypes
    The real fight are these major corporations
    Holding back on real education
    Before you're a color, first you're human
    Teaching humanity is what we're doing

    (kid capri)
    And just when you thought you knew everything there was to know
    You didn't know anything about this, tell 'em melodie

    (ms melodie)
    Daddy's home everyday since he lost his job
    His new line of work is now beating up mom
    Mom is scared, she doesn't know what to do
    Her beautiful skin is now black and blue
    She used to cry, now she's back in the pen
    A human war between women and men

    (kid capri)
    Melodie, kid capri

    (jam master jay and dmc)
    Jam jay on the way, yo
    Human education against lies
    To all the girls and to all the guys
    Get paid, get it made
    Get a good grade, live to a very old age
    Checking out jet, no disrespect
    To each and every member of the opposite sexes
    Is yes, listen to the messages and i send some
    We never knew where the poison came from
    Yo, we're rapping on h.e.a.l. so we thought we like to mention
    Acquired immune defiency syndrome
    Aids, we're here to make you get wise
    Human education against lies

    (kid capri talks)

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