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    [ +recorded for but not used on the "Prince of Darkness" album+ ]

    [ VERSE 1: Big Daddy Kane ]

    Give a demonstration

    To the whole rap world rhythm nation

    And take a taste of this verbal vibration

    With more color than you see on animation

    And bear witness to my smooth operation

    As I give the party people a sensation

    And give them all a good feel of jubilation

    Me and the mic become a good combination

    To rock the house without any complication

    The crowd'll give the Kane a standing ovation

    That just gives me even more motivation

    To pick up the pace and give you more fascination

    With the ryhmes in my rap creation

    They show the power of the Kane's innovation

    And create an extravagant inspiration

    So here I am, to give a demonstration

    [ Big Scoob ]

    (Give a demonstration)

    (Give) (give a demonstration)

    (G-)(give a demonstration)

    [ VERSE 2: Big Daddy Kane ]

    Give a demonstration

    And take time out for a dedication

    To all the deejays and radio stations

    Who put my record in heavy rotation

    Reprise reps for their affiliation

    Of course Warner Brothers help my elevation

    For publicity to artist relation

    And Rushtown for a great three-year duration

    And Carol Lewis for the tour preparation

    And Farrakhan for the righteous conversations

    I can't forget the people all around the nation

    From the adults to the younger generation

    The black, white, Chinese and even Haitian

    Because the music ain't about segregation

    It's a harmony to bring communication

    So listen up as I give a demonstration

    [ Big Scoob ]

    (Give) (give a) (give) (give a demonstration)

    (Give) (g-) (give a demonstration)

    (Give a demonstration)

    [ VERSE 3: Big Daddy Kane ]

    Give a demonstration

    For you to get amuch better illustration

    And give the sucker MC's an education

    Because their style is just a cheap imitation

    It seems you need a little bit of dictation

    But what I'ma do for you in this situation

    Is supply a process of elimination

    Serve justice by means of termination

    Because a biter only brings aggravation

    A lotta trouble and a lotta frustration

    So here's a little bit of useful information

    So that you can see some acceleration

    It's gonna take hard work and concentration

    A lotta tears and a lotta perspiration

    That's the way that you blow up like inflation

    And then maybe YOU can give a demonstration

    [ Big Scoob ]

    (G-) (g-) (g-) (give) a demonstration)

    (Give) (g-) (g-) (give) (give a demonstration)

    (Give a) (g-) (g-)(give a demonstration)

    (G-) (g-) (g-) (give a demonstration)

    [ Big Scoob ]

    So can I give a demonstration

    For the sick people with constipation

    You need to take a little bit of medication

    So you can go take a dookie on the toilet

    Know what I'm sayin?

    Do you know what I'm sayin?

    So can we give this demonstration?

    So yo

    Me and Big Daddy

    We kickin it on the down low

    Word up

    Word up, just buggin in the studio

    Know what I'm sayin?

    Givin all y'all party people out there a - little - bit of - de-mon-stration

    For the year '91 me and Big Daddy gon' say peace

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