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    Set it off Kane (go, go) get busy (go, go)  
    * repeat 8X *  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    Who's that smooth fellow flowin to this tune?  
    * Mister Cee scratches "Big Daddy" * Back so soon?  
    The fact is, I never left  
    Cause I'm everlastin and my rhymes keep blastin  
    Soon as I pick up the pen and relate it to paper  
    that's the beginning  
    And for you Filthy McNasty MC's, that's the ending  
    Cause when I grab the microphone just like a gun  
    You know them doo-run-run-run, them doo-run-run  
    Heh, I'm not your ordinary lyricist  
    None'll compare at this, as far as raps, pssh,  
    I'm takin care of this  
    I work the stage like a slavehand  
    And keep the girls screamin just like Captain Caveman  
    I did shows at the same arena that held Ike and Tina  
    and the Chi-Lites, song have you seein her  
    puttin me on after Jennifer Holiday, ain't no thing  
    Because I still come off, after the fat lady sings  
    Set it off Kane, get busy  
    * repeat 4X *  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    Here we go, Shalamar style  
    That means the Second Time Around so pump the sound  
    As I progress to bless the mic and strike the stage  
    Enraged arouse the crowd to jump and pump their fists  
    and twist their waists with grace and clap and snap  
    and move and groove cause I'm still, so, smooth  
    If you compare the Big Daddy to a Caddy  
    I'd be an Allante, suave as Belafonte  
    Interplanetary and extraordinary (hmm, what about poetic?)  
    Mmm, very!  
    I'm even heard it said that I was the ultimate  
    Welllll.. maybe just a little bit  
    And competition I'll explain to them  
    that this don't even pertain to them  
    to try to flow like this will crack your cranium  
    So to the rear and let the Prince of Darkness spark this  
    like a vampire, bloodthirsty, uhh, have mercy  
    Set it off Kane, get busy  
    * repeat 4X *  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    As we enter into the third half, for this paragraph  
    I wanna take all of the people that's leaping along with this tune  
    to another plateau they never been too -- as I continue  
    with somethin funky to get into  
    Give me a James Brown, Funkadelic, or Prince beat  
    And watch me turn the microphone to minced meat  
    I tear the roof off the mother as soon as my lips pucker  
    cause I'm a bad mother *TWEET!!*  
    Set it off Kane, get busy  
    * repeat 8X *  
    [Kane] I'm a baaaad man

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