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    Manslaughter, walkin on water  
    I stay afloat with a note, the way a boat oughta  
    I'm too poetically inclined, one of a kind  
    True and divine the genuine, breakin a bond and gettin mine  
    so freeze, I'm makin it flow with ease  
    And droppin the funkiest lyrics that ever been known to MC's  
    Cause I can recite it fast, or even rap slow  
    Huh, man I can just talk and my shit'll flow  
    Because I mastered the rhythms of winnin lyric  
    Hit em, just the flow itself'll tell you that I did em  
    So let the K-to-the-A-to-the-N-to-the-E  
    show you the meaning of real harmony, as I float  
    Float.. float on  
    Float on.. float on.. (repeat 2X)  
    Peep this  
    I'm always on the down-low, smooth and mild  
    But when it's time to get wild, huh, you know my style  
    I drop lyrics wham bam by the gram on a jam  
    and gooooooood DAMN!  
    It's like a disaster that nobody goes after  
    Rappers turn ghost like Casper  
    Cause battlin me, you'd only meet your fate  
    You'd probably come out better tryin to fight in Kuwait  
    To be smart, would be not to start  
    Not even The Wiz can give you that much heart  
    Rap is like an art.. and man you know  
    that kind of makes me like Michaelangelo  
    Not to sound conceited, or either to boast with what I said  
    cause I'm too modest to ever lose my level head  
    But if I ever got bold and said I'm higher  
    I can give more reasons than Earth, Wind & Fire  
    Many follow in the footsteps, tryin to get a rep  
    of a lover and a smooth black brother  
    But I'm knockin imitators out the box  
    Because you couldn't copy Kane if your name was Xerox  
    I'm like the God in light, some of my writing might  
    be too much for your mind to explode like dynamite  
    And if it sounds good to you then get on it doggone it  
    Capture this like a Kodak moment as I float  
    Float.. float on  
    Float on.. float on.. (repeat 2X)  
    In this third verse, I'll make it sure mental  
    See the way that you serve rap's like a death penalty  
    So back up off me, ain't nobody stoppin Kane  
    I'm shittin on rappers like I never been potty trained  
    That means defeatin deletin and beatin  
    while all the tenderonis I'll be meatin and greatin and treatin  
    And welcome to a new Terrordome  
    When I come to roam, you know Daddy's Home  
    Rhymes come at you full powered with might  
    They call in the SWAT team when I start to write  
    and declared my lyrics illegal weapons in every state  
    So I can get five to ten for carryin a Papermate  
    Just a little bitty taste of this'll burn so bad  
    you'll wanna call me the Big Daddy Inferno  
    So don't even think about a battle, I sail without a paddle  
    In other words, I FLOAT  
    Float.. float on  
    Float on.. float on.. (repeat 2X

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