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    This one goes to my man old dirty, one love we be swigging brew  
    Trigger too, even Nas I be digging too  
    Let's see whose left Mobb Deep, oh yeah Meth  
    That brother's hot like curry, one love to Keith Murray  
    Rappers like Craig Mack quench my thirst for comedy  
    I'd love to hang with Red Man but I ain't messing with that bam bazee  
    The Brat, Lil' Kim, Foxy get that loochee  
    Especially that cutie representing for the Fugees, go girls  
    Even the NBA make rap dollars  
    Shaquille, Chris Webber, Cedric Ceballos  
    Talent's around the world Phoenix to Providence  
    No need to educate Chicago they already got Common Sense  
    Houston and Atlanta we love you  
    Peace to the West Coast they really set the Doggs loose  
    We always say the future's in today's children  
    If so, make sure Shyheim and A + sell a million  
    Peace to Eazy E, Stretch, and Mercury  
    Tupac, and Buffy, Notorious BIG  
    We gots to strive to make hip-hop survive  
    Brothers need to unify to keep the game alive  
    Rappers be coming out with one album then they gone  
    So with cats like Raekwon, support ?em so they stay on  
    Then brothers like Smooth wouldn't have to hustle  
    It's an every day struggle, but hip-hop I still love you  
    We Entaprizin, got the hip-hop heads realizin'  
    East Coast, West Coast organizin'  
    Steady risin', money sizin'  
    What we specialize in  
    Verse 2  
    The fame in the rap game we all want it  
    In fact by now I hope the Luniz got a hundred on it  
    And if you're in it for the millions E-40  
    I hope you see 40, before you be 40  
    What it look like, the great paper chase for ends  
    Lost Boyz being found in Lex coups, Bimas and Benz  
    East Coast, West Coast unite, let's keep it tight  
    And everything's gonna be alright  
    But hold up, it seems we got some hip-hop cheats  
    Depending on just having catchy hooks and beats  
    Rappers using their skills recently I haven't heard of none  
    Me, I represent myself better than Collin Ferguson  
    And yes that I do, I'll shatter you  
    It don't even matter who, I'll make them all show gratitude  
    Fools, acting like they don't know the rules  
    Need to learn to listen when grown folks is droppin' jewels  
    Now they say, is Mr. Kane coming back to dominate  
    I used to listen to his music back in 1988  
    Damn he still pumpin', just when you think he ain't nothing  
    That kid just keep coming back, what is he the Terminator or something  
    Lord I skill it in a way to make you feel it  
    Finally I reveal it, party people they can't wait until-  
    Starts to boom out, so every rap consumer  
    Can bring that old schooler back just like alumni  
    I sting it, booyah, to stop the half steppers tryin' to wing it through ya  
    Don't make me have to bring it to ya'  
    Who gonna be the next clown to come step into my bounds  
    Right now get down for the crown, mess around get pound to the ground by the sound  
    And let the more experienced entertain  
    Kane, meet the microphone, microphone meet Kane  
    The legendaire, rap extraordinaire  
    Commutin' to your ear, yeah, looka here  
    Chorus 2x

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