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    I'm from brooklyn, new york city

    I be the earth motherin', smotherin' mc's
    Sha queen covering 360 degrees

    See I blow like the wind when I flow to this song
    Cause a riot like kaiser like that then I'm gone

    I bring the fire burn it down to the ground
    Think of dissin' me, kane will leave that ass rotisserie (what)

    Earth, wind, fire we be those elements
    It's evident, as we come to represent

    I feel the need to get iller than
    All these fuckin' wack mc's, realest bitch that ever been
    Dropped the hit single that was flying through the roof
    I'm lyrical living proof, you can't handle the truth
    After you heard me spit, still convinced that you ill
    Who you tryin' to fool me or yourself, bitch for real
    Everybody know the deal, you ever get a hunch
    To fuck around with sha-queen, then I know you out to lunch
    Break that meaning down, that means disturbed in your mental
    And that's absurd, I kick the illest shit you ever heard
    Every rhyme to the last line and pronouns and verbs
    Too hard to see with your two eyes, then check with your third
    My frequency's not tainted with thoughts of whores
    That can only get raw on all fours, with sore back doors
    Precisely, far from your average girl
    So, sit back and shut the fuck up, cause sha rules the world, word

    [a.b. money]
    Listen there was a man in brooklyn, new york city
    Where the guys are fly and the ladies looking pretty
    I'm a let you know, that stuff you pop is junk
    Cause when I flow, it's the flava of the month

    Hold up don't worry about nothin', tot shit in a smash like crash dummies
    This fast money, make me wanna fuck around and blast money
    I heard your spot makes a lot and give you props
    This deal is hot, runnin' from the cops'll get you shot
    But don't sweat it, dry them niggas up like prunes
    The war's on like platoon
    Shot through a crowd like a cartoon
    Rappin' is fundamental, that's right, re-arranger
    Hit you like mortal kombat, you in danger
    I got the chronic, six million bionic
    This rap shit make me wanna scream like onyx
    I'm comin' through, that's right I'm gonna split ya
    Soul survivors on this track, we comin' to get ya
    Woop, woop, five-o's comin' in the exit
    Keys jinglin', nine danglin' to wreck shit
    Step into my cypher, haven't you ever heard a
    Throwin four five six, ceelo, to one twenty third a

    Earth, wind & fire you bout to learn
    We can make the world turn, or make the world burn
    The three deadly elements for your concern
    Cause anything you want up out of life you got to earn

    See now bring it brother well, well

    [big daddy kane]
    Since hip-hop genesis, I been at this in the mix
    In bed stuy tenements, rippin' rappers endless
    But I won't sit and dwell upon the things I been had
    Instead I appear, and take your fuckin' spot like sinbad
    Now, tell me who shall be first to suffer crucial
    If you don't know defeat then allow me to introduce you
    So how you want it, coming through beatin' ya down
    Watching disaster strike when busta rhymes ain't even around
    The prince of darkness be that one man
    That made them al b sure lookin' niggas get a sun tan
    What I drop should not be followed by anyone else
    At times I'm scared to kick a second verse after myself
    As I proceed, followers take heed
    I made many men bleed, I made hairlines recede
    This rap skill here, I destined for a mill-aire
    And this is one ass whippin' you will wear, you still here?

    Chorus: repeat 2x

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