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    I break out in a cold sweat, rip up the whole set  
    I'm about as bad as you can get  
    Comin' from Bed-Stuy, that's where they do or die  
    Forget about the lions and tigers and bears, oh my  
    It's not a fairy tale, a myth, it's a musical uplift  
    and I'm the wrong one to mess with  
    I roll on rappers like a Cherokee, bake 'em up merrily  
    just like the cooks at Sara Lee  
    Erase, replace, disgrace, and chase, unlace your face  
    and place a neck brace, about-face  
    And get to steppin', because my lethal weapon  
    is blowin' too fast, while you're slow as Catherine Hepburn  
    What you need is a little more speed, style and flavor  
    but it still wouldn't save ya  
    So to the rear, step off and let the man flex  
    cuz I can hang tighter to the groove than spandex  
    I snatch the mic whith grace, always with a plan  
    and Cee'll cut the recored up like Edward Scissorhands  
    Rock the soul shack, I can't hold back  
    Four years standin' and I still got the knack  
    Cuz I remember when I first did it  
    the comments that were goin' around from the next critic  
    Like "Yeah, he sound alright, but still will he hold?"  
    And now my black ass is still here like Billy Joel  
    One hip-hopper that don't have to sound proper  
    My broken English you can still distinguish  
    And I don't have no image or no gimmicks  
    and I don't have no bounds or no limits  
    The Kane'll keep goin', and growin', and flowin'  
    and showin' any MC, I got the best finesse to manifest  
    Cuz I pull cards like some type of retard  
    Hittin' MCs hard, and any other Rass Claaad  
    I'm the predator to any competitor  
    Scorchin' and damagin' and stompin' et cetera  
    And any MC that tries to test me  
    I'm swellin' up his jaws mor than Dizzy Gillespie  
    Crushin' all dreams you thought were possible  
    I turn into nightmares you have in the hospital  
    I couldn't count the rappes I be servin'  
    If defeat was sex, huh, I'd be a virgin  
    My match ain't been found, movin' around, breakin' 'em down  
    where the ground, never the clown, how that sound?  
    Don't get gassed, cuz boy you won't last  
    so take your crippled rhymes and put 'em in a cast  
    You're too pathetic, bring in a paramedic  
    to heal your sick rhymes, cuz man, you ain't poetic  
    You're just a cheap little hooker and I gotta overlook a  
    MC that's wack, ya little bogger  
    And stand clear of the mic that I'm rippin'  
    as I'm......???  
    And get your jury and a good defendant  
    cuz I'm servin' a death sentence

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