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    C'mon.. * echoes *  
    Swing your partner, I'm about to start the  
    dance across the land, the Kane will scar the  
    people of our community, cause we're soon to see  
    the future of the world to be without unity  
    So brothers and sisters, let's check our history  
    to reveal what's been hidden a mystery  
    Because we're headed for self-destruction  
    And you know that the government, doesn't give a (fuck) when  
    one black brother sells another one dope  
    And he can't cope, so he dies without hope  
    Many of us live on this level  
    Mislead victims who dance with the devil  
    "Dance with the devil"  
    "Dance dance with the devil" * repeat both 4X *  
    Guns are bein bought over the counter like candy  
    Comin in handy for chumps to act manly  
    Once before they were only for the law  
    But no more for sure, lookin at a L.A. gun war  
    Even in Brooklyn, lives are bein tooken  
    The Bronx is dyin while the box is steady cookin  
    Capsule after capsule, settin a trap to  
    destroy all our kind without a hassle  
    I couldn't kill my brother, about a color  
    or cocaine, not even over a rope chain  
    In this world I'm considered a rap rebel  
    to correct those who dance with the devil  
    "Dance with the devil"  
    "Dance dance with the devil" * repeat both 4X *  
    There's no survival  
    Bodies come in D.O.A, Dead On Arrival  
    Everytime someone ships in artillery  
    begins the game wonderin who will the killer be  
    There's no war, so the Navy must wanna see  
    drugs and guns shift into our country  
    So we can shoot each other and sell each other death  
    and imprison all the other ones left  
    So it's time to start to rise  
    We can't be uncivilized, we gotta realize  
    that bein the baddest doesn't matter when your life is had  
    So let Michael Jackson be _Bad_  
    No time to devestate, we gotta elevate  
    to a higher level.. than dancin with the devil  
    "Dance dance with the devil"  
    "Dance with the devil"  
    This is the dance with the devil!  
    "Dance with the devil"  
    "Dance dance with the devil" * repeat both 4X *  
    Lookin at the fall of our new generation  
    makes me wonder about the Emancipation Proclamation  
    We're considered to be free, but did slavery devour  
    when we're still slaves to mental death and power  
    Misled and unknowin, people are goin  
    more and more beneath, instead of growin  
    +Express Yourself+, was said by N.W.A.  
    so stop givin trouble a play  
    Because those who chose to oppose never rose they all froze  
    at thirty-two degrees to enemies  
    that already tricked em and made em fall victim  
    Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, just look at them  
    What we need is peace and love and more love  
    but I don't see none of the above  
    So one for the bass and two for the treble  
    (come on y'all) Don't "dance with the devil"  
    "Dance with the devil"  
    "Dance dance with the devil" * repeat both 4X *  
    "Dance with the devil"..  
    "Dance with the devil

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