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    Intro: Big Daddy Kane  
    "You know daddy's home.."  
    Yeah baby! Get them sounds up Action  
    Alright L.G. baby make the track move one time  
    "You know daddy's home.."  
    Uh-huh, now dig this here right  
    Now I can remember one time I said,  
    "It's eighty-eight, time to set em straight right?" (word up)  
    What we gotta do is see what we got in store for ninety-four  
    as I continue to give you more  
    "You know daddy's home.."  
    This is how we gonna try to bring it to you one time  
    Uhh, and I go, and I go  
    "You know daddy's home.."  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    Peace peace y'all, don't eat grease y'all, huh  
    A Brooklyn nigga representin the East y'all, come follow me now  
    I get down for my crown with new found wreck  
    and bring the noise like I'm comin to soundcheck  
    The stage is clear for me to rock it  
    So I snatch the mic like a Brooklyn nigga does a pocket  
    Clear the throat, to perform the art  
    to treat the stage like a movie ticket and rip it apart  
    Watch the crowd burst from lyrics that I say  
    to make the brothers get ill, and by the way Dukes  
    If that's your girl in the corner stay up on her  
    cause I've been watchin the morgue, then the Korean store owner  
    (Whoo!) Mack man number one, you know how I move  
    You'd think that I'd be shavin my rhmes, cause they'd be so smooth  
    Mr. Wonderful and all of that gun to pull shit  
    that you be talkin nigga don't even run the bull  
    Cause if I roll on you kid, I do the body rude  
    like the cops did on ummmmmm.. that Rodney dude  
    Peep it!  
    Chorus: repeat 4X (except last line 4th time)  
    "welcome to a new Terrordome  
    When I come to roam you know daddy's home.."  
    Watch out now!  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    Just like Sylvester it's still on, get it?  
    still, on, fukkit, let's move along  
    I rip shop, in hip-hop, to sew it like a ziplock  
    to get props, in this spot, look at me at the tip-top  
    The kid got, to get hot, you thought that I would flip-flop  
    or drop-drop, but ummmmmmmmmmmm.. I did not!  
    They say, "Kane you're old school out here!"  
    I said, "I guess I got left back, cause I ain't goin nowhere"  
    The Kane will remain in this domain  
    to reign again when I entertain  
    Cause when it comes to lyrics, I got plenty black  
    I'm so god damn dope, I sell rhymes in a twenty sack  
    The microphone pusher man but not drug related  
    Hip-Hop orientated, keepin you captivated  
    Mr. Cee cuts, I linger through em, Larry is singin to em  
    And oh me, I just bring it to em  
    Chorus *fades out

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